10.26.2022 RGT Update on Latest OSX Issues

Downloaded and installed the latest RGT update

  1. Started Spotify before rode like normally do. Giving RGT permission to use microphone and speakers kills Spotify, need to use 2nd device to listen to music. Please fix.

  2. Times out of the server on the new gravel ride- other riders kept disappearing.

Spent too much time trying to get everything to work this morning and didn’t have time to ride. :angry:

Sorry to hear. Sounds like my Zwift experience(s). The software should just work!

I had the same issue on SYSTM as number 1. My music was knocked off.

Grrrr… loaded up Dunoon and got dropped from the server again with no data for 25 minutes of riding. The rest of my internet connections worked fine.

@ErickT Bummer - I was on Dunoon this morning for 40 minutes and had no issues. I was using an Apple TV and also had the companion app open for radio chat.

Yep, I have the same issue. And, Spotify comes back to life just the second after closing SYSTM…

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My ANT+ can’t be found on RGT, but can on TR and Systm … not sure if this is a new RGT issue or not. Both apps are killed and trainer restarted, dongle inserted fresh, but no luck :frowning:

Worked today! Yay me! There was another rider who didn’t have their mic muted :rofl: listed to their heavy breathing and talking to someone in their pain cave the whole ride.

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I thought you could mute individual riders.

I really don’t know. Kind of far to reach out to the computer.

For the Spotify issue:
Spotify closes if the sound is on SYSTM. If you turn the sound off under the settings tab of the activity, Spotify works. Hope that helps!

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@ErickT This article shows how to mute other riders:

Click #9, then you can mute who you want:

Main app:

Remote app: