120kph: Speed display oscillations

When training the speed display jumps every second or two between what I think is the ‘actual’ speed and something much higher (power and cadence values don’t do this - and appear reasonable).

Has anyone had and solved such an issue?

Sounds like your speed is dropping, should be a steady 120kph…

It could be an issue with your speed sensor, check your magnets and battery. If that doesn’t solve it, replace the bike. It’s clearly damaged and you need a new one.

In fact, that’s always the answer. Unless you’re asking about the meaning of life, then its 42 bikes.

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Said tongue in cheek. Yes, check your speed sensor. Some get very ‘strange’ if the battery is going flat (dying for us in the USA). I’ve noticed that my HR will be inaccurate, going from 60 to 220 when my battery is about done. I didn’t notice this with my cadence sensor, but I’m not usually tracking it that close when out of doors.