2 rider split screen option?

My wife and I train together and I was curious how we can both show up in an event using the same PC or is that even possible?
RGT will only open one instance on PC, so it’s not an option to open two instances of RGT and split the monitor between the two.
Wondering if RGT screen could operate at the same time as RGT on the PC and split those two views on the PC?
Anyone found any unique setups that allow this view?

You’ve need to have a pretty powerful PC to be able to run two instances of RGT simultaneously. I’m not sure that’s feasible.

What you could likely do is run two separate PC’s that share a monitor if the monitor has a split screen capability.

But probably not on the same PC.

I won’t say it’s impossible. I’m sure someone can do it given enough resources. I will only say not feasible.

I want to believe someone out there has the same issue, but I understand what you are saying. I can only guess how much computing it takes to handle the graphics.
Thanks for the input

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One way to do it, but it would take considerable computing power and memory, would be to run RGT in a virtual machine.

I’m with Doug - I think that two devices and a monitor that supports split screen inputs is the way to go…
or just two monitors side by side! If it is just for RGT then two Apple TVs would be a cheap and simple option, although they cannot run SYSTM.

Yep, that should work, and the system requirements don’t look that bad, but virtual machines can be tricky to set up and get going. Have you ever set one of those up?

If you already have a powerful computer, a really nice monitor/TV that does not support split screen, and don’t mind troubleshooting computer problems for a weekend or two, a vm could be a good solution. After setting it up you‘d have boot two computers, make sure they are both updated and you‘d probably have to pay for a MS Windows license.

If you would have to buy new hardware, I‘d have to agree that adding an Apple TV and possibly a second monitor to your current setup would probably be easier both to set up and to use day to day.