2023 Glasgow mini:WCRR, 12 Aug 2023

2023 Glasgow mini-WCRR

SATURDAY, 12 AUG 2023, 7:30 AM PACIFIC, 15:30 UK

66 km

This is a ranked race on a mini-version of the 2023 elite WCRR course. We start with a 45 km lead-in, including the climb of Lecket Hill, then do 1.5 laps of the 14 km Gasgow circuit. In total there’s 1 fairly long climb and 12 short ones, the climbs of Scott Street and Montrose Street on the Glasgow circuit most notable.

I’ve test-ridden the magic road and stand behind it’s quality.


This is today!

I was expecting a lot more riders than we have so far, but there’s still time to bring the numbers up. It’s bright and early 7:30 am in California, but a nice mid-afternoon workout in the UK.

There’s not so many races on RGT in this distance range, so if you want to work your endurance, this is a great chance. If you’re not up for the pace at the front of the pack, we’ve got bots at a range of powers, so with 12 short climb and one longer climb on the course, you’re guaranteed to get a good workout if you pace yourself and make it to the finish.

Just bring plenty of water and maybe some calories.