2023 mini Giro 06-09 Feb 2023

Coming up 06-09 Feb, 6 pm UK time, 1 pm CET, 1 pm Eastern, 10 am Pacific:
The 2023 mini Giro

Four short stages, Monday to Thursday, starting with the stage one time trial route and finishing with the infamous Roma circuit. There will be GC, points, and GPM rankings for those who complete all four.

2022 was a blast. This year’s route is a bit hillier but should still be accessible to riders if a range of fitness. There will be some bots on the road to keep you company if you’re not riding with the leaders.


This is getting close…

  • Stage 1 is a fun stage: flat, with a short climb at the end.
  • Stage 2 is a day of two moderate climbs. The second gets steep at the end… be ready for that. But then it’s a technical descent back to the flat run to the finish.
  • Stage 3 is the Mountain Goats stage… a long climbing effort. Climber types just need to survive the flat run-in before the big effort.
  • Stage 4 is the Rome circuit. This loop is a lot of fun, and passes the Colosseum. You’ll need to imagine that, unfortunately. But it has just enough climbing to be interesting.

This starts Monday! Here are the individual stages:

  1. Costa Del Trabocchi: RGTDb
  2. Fossombrone Circuit: RGTDb
  3. Crans Montana: RGTDb
  4. Roma Circuit (2 laps): RGTDb

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Stage 1 starts in 2 hours!

Note it may be a time trial course but we’re racing it as a mass start because on RGT, mass starts are more fun! (IMHO).

No need to skip stage 1 because you can’t do stages 2-4: each stage is also a fine 1-day race (you just won’t qualify for overall classifications).

And results are posted for stage 1! If you missed out on this fun stage, feel free to join tomorrow, which is even more (type 2) fun! However, only riders completing all stages are eligible for classifications…

Stream was provided by VCyclingNews on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch!

The new steering-enabled RGT has been released!

This is mandatory – so please update your software early so you have time to step thru the information pages in time to log into the event!

You need to update both main and mobile remote apps.

Steering can also be accomplished hitting the A (left) and D (right) keys on a keyboard. There’s 30 steering lanes along the 8 meter road width, so each click of A or D shifts your lane by approximately one handlebar width.


Stage 3 was the queen stage, up Crans Montana, which will feature in stage 13 of the IRL Giro. The cat 1 climb shattered the reduced field, and it dominated the GPM standings, as well as the general classification.

Here’s Riley Harvey’s commentary for VCycling News:

results are here: 2023 mini-Giro - RGTDb

Stage 4 tomorrow is the classic Rome circuit, with the Colosseum at 1 km to go before the sprint finish. And then that’s a wrap on the mini Giro – hopefully I’ll see you at the mini Vuelta in October.

And that’s a wrap for the mini-Giro 2023! Thanks, everyone, who made it a success! Results are posted on the RGTB series page!

Mini-Vuelta in October… the IRL Vuelta is a beast and while the mini-Vuelta can only offer a taste of that, expect some challenging climbing. Hopefully I’ll see you in Barcelona…

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