2023 Mini Vuelta: 16-19 Oct, 5 pm UK, 9 am Pacific

The mini-Vuelta starts on Monday! It’s 4 stages, around 20-30 km per stage, with plenty of hills to spice things up. Stages are taken from stage finishes from the 2023 Vuelta. Standings will be posted for GC, stage points, and GPM. Ride every stage to qualify for classifications or pick and choose. This is your last chance for a stage race on RGT!


On the start line:

Results are posted for stage 1!

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Thanks for putting on the event and for a great stage. Unfortunately for me I’ll be away for work later this week - Iay be able to ride tomorrow but definitely not the last stages. Stages 2 and 3 are more my kind of profile!

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Thanks for joining! Stage 2 is a lot of fun – a solid climb followed by a descent then a final flat kilometer to the finish. So if you can hit the Puerto de Zuarrarrate with any sort of gap over your competition you should be able to hold it to the finish.

Actually, I have just checked and I should be able to join in tomorrow as Mrs S and the kids will be out. Hooray! I may not be super-fresh as I need to get a run in at lunchtime, but a good climb should be a great way to finish off the day and blow away the cobwebs from the working day.

Hopes dashed by real life: the solar panel assessor is taking ages so I cannot come out to play.

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If you can make it, each of the final two stages are excellent. I test rode both of them multiple times.

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Sadly I’ll be away with work until Friday.

It looked like you had a good number of signups for stage two.

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Stage 4: 4 laps of the iconic Madrid circuit. This is traditionally one for the sprinters, but at the top level, the sprinters are excellent climbers as well. Don’t underestimate the slopes on the 3 out-and-back legs of this challenging course.