2023 UCI World Road Championship Circuit: Glasgow

I created a Magic Road for the 2023 UCI World Road Racing Championship circuit, in Glasgow. I have a lot of experience making magic roads, and have confidence this one is of good quality, but it still needs to be test-ridden. I will try to do that tomorrow and if I need to post any revisions I will do so here. After the race if the start/finish line needs to be tweaked at all, I will post a revision then, but some people may want to ride it this weekend around the same time as the actual race (elite men race this weekend).


edit: very minor tweak of one steep corner to better align with satellite view


Just so happens I have an opening today. I’m on it, boss!

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Perfect! I made one very minor tweak (updated the link above) due to a corner cutting slightly inside of the IRL road @ km 1.3, after consulting satellite view. But the initial version is still relevant.

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I just test rode it and this is going to be a very interesting world championships! It has a bit of a Richmond feel to it, with short, punchy climbs. There were two key climbs in Richmond, while this circuit has six significant climbs per lap, with a few shorter ones.

Photo of Montrose Street


if only we could get some of those graphics hey :slight_smile:


Yup, that’s about what it felt like this morning, too!


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My friend who will be riding this in reality suggests you add a LOT of potholes EVERYWHERE.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

Wait…as in riding in the WC? :thinking:

Yep, she’s in the Masters one thoz not the Pro one. Don’t think she will race the same course but she rode the pro course earlier this week


Note: I revised this to fix a 200 meter error in the finish line position.

Here is a second version with the final 45 km of the lead-in used by the elite me, followed by 1.5 laps of the circuit. This adds the considerable climb of Lecket Hill. Total = 66.2 km.


RGT doesn’t recognize the concept of multiple laps of a finishing circuit: either the whole course is lapped, or none of it is. So I had to replicate the data from the circuit to create a second lap. As a result the km to go banner will only magically appear the second time up Montrose Street. Also the segments are treated separately for each lap (this is different from how multi-lap segments are handled).

This is updated from my original post due to a bug I identified with segments in GPXMagic.

If anyone wants a version with a different number of finishing circuits let me know (it’s easy to add additional laps).


This is all awesome. Thank you for doing this!

So, basically, we can ride the lead-in with one circuit. Then save and load the circuit from your first road and then ride that as many times as we want?

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Yes – the first road is lappable, so you can do as many laps as you want.

The second road is hard-coded with a number of finishing circuits: 1.5 seemed like a good number. Although processGPX will allow me to use the -join option and add more finishing circuits if 62.2 km isn’t enough fun.


Not all heroes wear capes, @Dan_Connelly !

Thank you for your efforts.


I test rode the extended version.
After a rolling plateau (IRL there’s a climb right before this magic road), there’s a brief descent, then the major climb of Lecket Hill. This was a bit harder than I expected: it would probably be a cat 3 in the Tour, but it’s much longer than the other climbs here. After the following descent, there’s a long run to the circuit, with two short climbs along the way. Once on the circuit, the climbs arrive frequently, and I was able to climb away from my bot companions. The 1.5 laps of the circuit felt about right for my fitness level: a total of 10 short steep efforts on the circuit alone.


Clicking on the 1st link brings me to an empty page ? :thinking:

If you have an updated version of the loop, I’m in :wink:

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Sorry – I accidentally deleted it.

I rebuilt it here: https://user.rgtcycling.com/magic-road?code=mkUsyFBU6mcK

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Thanks !

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I rode the circuit this morning just as a Magic Roads quick ride. Gave me two laps and then ended. Was great! Was right in my wheelhouse with short punch climbs. But after two laps I was glad it ended because I was gassed. Lol. Then did 2 hours of Zone 2 after.

I’m curious tho. When I finished the 2 laps the ride ended. If I rode it as an event would I be able to choose how many laps, and then be able to continue riding after the event ended?

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I’ve never done “just ride” on lappable courses. When you create an event, you can choose the number of laps. That’s always what I do – create a race with 99 bots.



If anybody wants to join me riding the extended course during the early to middle parts of the men’s race tomorrow. Group ride starts 11:15am UK/6:15am US East Coast

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