4 week build before 1st XC race MAP or FTP for 4 week build?

I am just finishing the 12 week advanced road course training series…signed up for Sufferlandria and doing the prep workouts…

Right after the Sufferlandria I would like to start a 4 week build just before my first XC race of the season…my FTP is good 359 Watts based on the Ramp test I took during the 12 week road training.

So for the 4 week build would it be better to select from drop down menu… MAP…FTP…Base, etc. My weakness for the 4DP is VO2 Max …Rider type Time Trialist

Thanks for your help!!!

Hey Cort, I’m interested to hear any replies you get as I have a similar issue. I have been following the 12 week in season xc program with only a few weeks before my goal event. As part of the program I did the ramp test recently and gained 5 watts bringing my FTP up to 331 but my MAP dropped 9 watts to dip under 400. I feel the program hasn’t targeted MAP or AC very well although its starting to hit those workouts now. I think it might be too late to improve on these now so I would recommend targeting your weaknesses as this is what I would do if I did it again. Not sure that’s helpful, good luck!

I agree …target the weakness and hammer it!! I signed up for Sufferlandria and looks like most of the prep training is based on racing…

I think right after Sufferlandria I am going to do the 4 week build and do the MAP workouts (select MAP from dropdown)