4DP Primer (1wk) - Speed Demon (4wk) / KoS (4wk)?

So I have just finished the “all in” training plan - enjoyed the sessions (particularly the yoga), but had to make some adjustments to fit in with life / other training. I’m currently on an easy week, so have loaded up the 4DP primer, but will on do the Half Monty at the end (Thursday) as this will be a chance to see how the sessions have gone, and I did the 4DP only a couple of weeks ago.

My plan then is to do the “speed demon” plan- knowing that my NM / AC / MAP are my weaknesses compared to my FTP, then roll into the KoS build with a perfect finish of Storming the Castle on the few days before Christmas:-)

Speed Demon - I found that I prefer to do my intense ride indoors during the week (Mon-Fri), leave Saturday as a rest, with Sunday my outdoor ride, and Monday as an easy indoor ride day. Will this work for Speed Demon? It looks like there are rides x7 days per week… Are there sessions I could drop and still allow for “easier / harder days”?
Knights of Sufferlandria - I won’t open the “which workouts should I do” question, as there is loads on the FB group, but I’m thinking that I might move the “big days” of back-to-back videos to a Friday, allow Saturday for a rest then Sunday I can still do my longer rides? If weather is rubbish, then I have an excuse to do the big days indoors anyway…

Keen to get some thoughts!

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