50th OMNIUM anniversary ^^

The 50th OMNIUM, Wednesday May 31st! A nice round number and a “relatively flat” circuit

Omnium = 3 races in a row = Scratch + Time Trial + Elimination
2 divisions, the usual bar at 3.6W/kg → stronger? you go to division 1

warmup: https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=W3A68Y

=== Division 1: FTP > 3.6W/Kg ===
Scratch https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=JM7A2A
Time trial https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=UUXQMV
Elimination https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=289RB3

=== Division 2 : FTP < 3.6W/Kg ===
Scratch https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=VP9MKM
Time trial https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=C8CK8Z
Elimination https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=289RB3

Circuit : Mrs Macquaries chair (1.9km and 19m D+ per lap), and the “all-flat ring” for elimination

See you on Wednesday!

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Reminder for tomorrow ^^

Final reminder (and reminder to do the forced update beforehand :wink: )

:mega: results for May 31st, the 50th edition of the omnium :mega:
Division 1 :
1)Irimia Daniel (AeSRT)
3)Joël Vigneau (rgtfr)

Division 2 :
2)Michael Appel [TG2] C
3)Antoine Renou (rgtfr)

The GC was very close in div1!
And in div2, Antoine missed out on 2nd place on the cumulative number of places.
And we’ll do it again next week!