59th Omnium (2nd of August)

Links for the 59th OMNIUM, Wednesday August 2!
Flat course this week, but plenty of relaunches: Tempelhof: the powerful guys : this is your week !

=== Division 1: FTP > 3.6W/Kg ===
Scratch : : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=Y4URGW
iTT : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=KFW66J
Elimination : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=BJBXWT

=== Division 2 : FTP < 3.6W/Kg ===
Scratch : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=DY2QAK
iTT : https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=4NZQ3J
Elimination: https://user.rgtcycling.com/event?code=BJBXWT

Register now, it helps to get people in, and see you on Wednesday! :wave:

Day-1 before the Omnium !

As usual, I’ll stream it (probably in 1st division) on Twitch

Each race gives you points, and I’ll publish the GC (cumulative points for all 3 races) for each division after the races are done

See you tomorrow !

People are starting to register through the day (and more will, last minute, as usual) but I can already see that we’ll have a nice elimination race

You can of course do the 3 races (especially since it’s an all-flat day today, we’re riding on Tempelhof, the airport map) :wink:

See you tonight !

:mega: results from August 2, the 59th edition of the omnium :mega:
Division 1 :
1 Jonathan Rubarbe
2 ThomasLaunois Totolekoala (RGTFR)
3 Joël Vigneau (rgtfr)

Division 2 :
1 Alban Quittet
2 Christine
3 Mark Lightfoot

Great turnout, it was fun (fun is furious :wink: )
Another French hat-trick in 1st division and a big win for Jonathan, GG to him, solid on the Watts !
In 2nd division too, there were a lot of people, that’s cool ! (including the first, A. Quittet, who put in a great performance and will be able to test himself in div 1 next time).

GG again to all, let’s do it again next week!