A week with Ian Boswell

All went well.
I was really enjoying the week with Ian… then
Day 4…
What, in the love of all things tasteful, is that kit about??!!
Seriously made my eyes bleed!
Certainly took my mind off the efforts :rofl:


You should see normal fashion in Vermont (vuh-MAWNT)…




(Sorry, :us: humor)

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

I had to go back and take a look as it’s been a bit since I’ve done it (forgive me Grunter).

Never noticed it at all back then but now that you say it, you’ve got to have a certain amount of confidence to pull off kit like that. The only flashy kit I’ve got are my socks.

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It returns. That picture or Bernie, made the rounds right after the Inauguration.