About the endurance base

I’d wondering if I skip the sessions on weekend

Sat open 120
Sun thin air
Endurance 1.5

But I have an outdoor training (3.5HR TSS217) on Sat

How do I estimate the loading and how to reschedule my tranining?

I am little confused by the question. Are you asking how to create a 3.5 hour workout with 217 TSS? Or are you asking what you should do if you want to train outdoors instead of riding the trainer?

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Sorry for the confusing !

My question is if I have an outdoor riding on Saturday and skip three indoor training session (scheduled on Saturday and Sunday)

But the outdoor TSS is about the sum of the three indoor training sessions

May I consider the training loading is almost the same?

Oh boy, Coach Neal will be pleased for me dropping the concept of “Intensity Density”, simply put, the proximity in time of metabolic efforts. For example, doing a 30 second sprint at or near Anaerobic Capacity once every 30 minutes and completing a total of 20 sprints over the course of 10 hours, is a lot different than doing 20x 30 seconds AC sprint, 30 seconds easy recovery over the course of 20 minutes. The later will have you feeling sufficiently more gassed than the former. So when you ask to combine three workouts over the course of 48 hours into one session, the answer is the load is most certainly not the same. Combining 3 workouts into one session will definitely create an adverse overreaching effect. That is part one of the answer. Part two of the answer, which I think Coach Neal would also be pleased with, is that not all TSS is the same. The stimulus that is achieved from 70TSS Anaerobic Capacity Type workout is much different than the stimulus resulting from a sub Threshold or Tempo ride. Thin Air is a pretty challenging workout and is mostly at or above Threshold for nearly the entire ride, which is much different than open 120 or endurance 1.5. My advice, if you need to reduce the three workouts to one, is to get a sufficient aerobic warm up with some builds in to prime your system, get the spirit of Thin Air in while riding outside (40 - 50 mins of drilling it at or near threshold) and get a sufficient cool down in while ensuring you’ve got a bit of gas left in the tank. Last thing you want to do is a dig a hole so deep that you can’t get out. Consistent training is far better than hero workouts.

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Thanks for the feedback

One more question
If there’re two sessions in one day
I should take a rest between them or not?
What’s the difference?

That is a great question, and I think SYSTM could do a better job clarifying. Note to the Minions

Back to Back examples:
If you are a triathlete and the sessions is marked as a brick run, then the sessions are meant to be back to back. If the session is titled Warm Up in any way, shape or form, or it is plainly obvious that the session is meant to serve as a warm up, then do the sessions back to back. If there is a session designated as extra volume, go ahead and do the sessions back to back.

Examples where it should be an AM and a PM session, separated by minimum 2 hours:
Wahoo SYSTM Strength, it is a good idea to go into this fresh a few hours after your ride. Really the only other example I can think of is if you are doing a high intensity ride in the morning, targeting AC or MAP and then you are doing a sub threshold or endurance ride later that day. Even with that scenario it is not imperative to break up the sessions. I always recommend getting the quality in first when you are fresh, and then doing lower intensity work second.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have a specific example, happy to answer.


Here it is:

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