About to give up on RGT

Just ride rides…. Always get disconnected from server a few minutes in. Then need to kill RGT to start a new ride. Solo on magic roads, no issues. Likely user error, but weird this only happens with the just ride rides.

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As you have commented on my post, I think there needs some work on RGT. I like it when it works, but that is so infrequent, it’s very frustrating.

I’m not quite at the ‘give up’ place, but closing in on it quickly. I have been very appreciative of all the suggestions and offers of support so I need to exhaust those first.

Long way of saying, I couldn’t blame you if you did. :persevere:

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Boring question first: have you submitted a support ticket? For most platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS) then if you raise a support ticket from within the ride then it sends logs to Wahoo RGT which can help them diagnose issues. It is worth trying if the issue happens again.

In terms of ways to get unofficial help, in addition to this forum there is the RGT User Support Group on Facebook which you could post on. There are various experienced users and moderators… and me.

Can you provide any more detail such as a specific error message or symptoms? Does this happen for all courses? I am asking because there seemed to be something weird happening with Dunoon for a significant minority of issue when that course was first released.

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No, last time I did for this issue it went nowhere.

I’d rather not, I’ve found Facebook to be rather toxic and stopped using it.


I could have responded and my responses would have been virtually identical. The only difference would likely be I would have said “the last times”.

Exactly the same for me as well. Seems very much “not-ready-for-prime-time.”

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Fair enough re FB. The platform definitely has its problems.

Although based on a small sample size, I have also had mixed success with support since Wahoo took over RGT. The responses are faster than they used to be but less knowledgeable. My supposition is that Wahoo have a dedicated first line support team that all Wahoo-related things go to. If you have a simple problem then that’s fine as responses like ‘have you turned it off and on again’ might actually help, but if you have an unusual or complex issue then it is slow and frustrating, as it is harder to get hold of an expert.

I’ll DM you both in a mo’.

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I’ve been hosting a race series (NorCal Tue Niter) for approaching 2 years now and have only rarely had connection issues. Turnout has been mostly a group of regulars who also manage to finish week after week.

When I started RGT 2 years ago I had some issues which were resolved when I stopped using bluetooth for my trainer connections, using an ANT+ dongle instead, since the phone and the laptop competed for the bluetooth connection.

Obviously reliable, low latency (as opposed to throughput) internet is also needed. RGT gets its superior pack dynamics by keeping track of all rider positions, while Zwift lets the client machines wing it if they’re not connected, so pack dynamic modeling isn’t nearly as good.



I’d you are still having issues then can you provide any more detail such as a specific error message or symptoms? Does this happen for all courses? I am because there seemed to be something weird happening with Dunoon for a significant minority of issue when that course was first released.

Hi @Robin-RGT-FB-mod.

What usually happens: 1) start ride, 2) pedal, everything working fine, 3) other riders disappear, I’m still riding, sensors still connected, 4) flashing red Wi-Fi symbol appears (other connections on same Wi-Fi network working fine), 5 exit ride, black screen appears, 6) command + tab to switch out of RGT, 7) Control + click and o kill RGT, 8) Relaunch RGT, check sensors (again all fine), launch magic road, 9) Rode magic road with no issues.

Of course today I launched Dunoon and everything worked fine. I don’t get it.

That red symbol indicates an issues with data transfer to or from Wahoo’s servers.

See the shoutily titled section “INTERNET CONNECTION PROBEMS WHEN RIDING INSIDE” on the page https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4855591401362-Connectivity-Problems-Dropouts-and-Interference for Wahoo’s support info.

You mentioned that some other devices were working fine on the network at the time. That is good to know but doesn’t rule out local network connectivity being an issue. Depending on what kinds of services those other devices were using at the time, their demands may have been different.


Exactly this has happened on last 2 Dunoon rides , spookily at the same spot on the course…

previously iv had 1 maybe 2 drop outs with rgt ever , and not for very long at all

maybe its a subtle way of telling us to stump up some readies

Always on the same spot of the course.

hmmm … Well this would appear to knock out the possibility that the problem is my end

I have been narrowing in on this “competing connections” hypothesis for my own frustrations with inconsistent BT connection.

I’ll report further but initially:

  • Turning off BT on my mobile telephone seemed to help my Tacx Neo make the connection consistently.

  • Today, when I removed another pair of detected devices (Wahoo speed sensor that was on another bike and the Stages Power Meter) my Tickr was detected immediatly.

Previously, I was going down the path of a Windows OS or BT driver issue, because I was getting some success (and frustration) by restarting SYSTM until everything connected.

I am starting to believe that any BT device that you don’t intend to use should be removed from the list of devices, with prejudice.


Well Iv always had wahoo cadence/speed sensor ( Bluetooth) and used Bluetooth on iPhone to connect with stereo , all while using RGT

No problem before

Great! This was my experience: wireless headphones killed my Wahoo Kickr bluetooth reliability.


At some point I found my wireless BT headphones were causing BT reliability problems, too. But then found it was too much BT traffic in general. I also had a BT keyboard and BT mouse. First I switched to wired headphones with a 6’ extension cord so I had plenty of line. Then I switched my keyboard and mouse to 2.4 wireless that wasn’t BT. When my headphones died I switched back to wireless headphones. They seem to work fine now with no BT interference. So it might have been the mouse and/or keyboard. Or the combo of all 3 just being too many BT devices. I also switched my HRM and Cadence sensors over to Ant+ with a dongle. So now my headphones and Kickr Core are my only BT devices and my Kickr Core reliability is now up to about 99.99%. I used to get multi-second drop-outs. Now I only get the occasional half second visual glitch maybe once every few weeks.


I got myself a wireless mouse/keyboard like this at work and the IT guys KEEPS telling me there’s no such thing. I’m like…dude you’re looking at them! eyeroll
I’ll bring them home for the Gaincave and take the BT ones to work I think.


That’s hilarious. IT folk are at the same time some my favorite, but also some of the most dense. lol. A quick look on Amazon and you can find a plethora of both BT and 2.4 mice and keyboards.

Wireless interference is so annoying.

To keep my mouse and keyboard from interfering with my wifi I first switched my pain cave PC to use the 5.0 wifi and then eventually ran an ethernet cable around the room to hardwire it. Hardwire is faster, anyway. I’d hardwire my Kickr Core and my cadence sensors if I could. lol.

At first I migrated from 2.4 wireless keyboards and mice to bluetooth so I didn’t have all my USB ports taken up by dongles. But then I eventually switched back because of the BT interference with my Core.

I’ve used so many combos that I usually have to play the story back in my own head to remember what I’m currently using. :stuck_out_tongue:

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