All In running : 6 x 400m


Hopefully someone can answer quickly… because I have this workout scheduled today, and it’s sunny !

All In multisport week two has ‘6 X 400m’ running workout. But the workout description has 4 repeats of 400m.

I’m not sure if this is a typo, or a deliberate reduction… 4 sounds ok, 6 sounds like a lot but still possible.

Any ideas?

Hi @timb34 - sorry about the confusion! Looks like the title is off, and the workout should be 4 X 400 rather than the 6 the title shows. Go well!

Thanks Neal! (I’m really enjoying All In by the way - I’ve been meaning to start strength work for a couple of years and having that and yoga in a plan that is challenging but just enough stress to feel like I’m still training without leaving me wiped out is perfect for French lockdown 2)