Am I the only one with RGT issues?

Every time I use the RGT app lately it goes from bad to worse. I have not used in in a couple of months due to a repeated issue with a 35 second delay from what I was doing until it registered on the app. Yes I reach out to support and no, they were of no help whatsoever. The issue was not resolved so I just stopped using it until today.

So toady I did Fursa, and given how short it is I thought I would do a quick spin descent on RGT. I found one that was 8.8 miles which sounded perfect.

Problem 1: about a mile in the group starts to get away from me. so I crank it up. I am doing 3.1w/kg while the entire group ahead of me has no rider doing more than 0.9w/kg, and I slip back to dead last! I slowly creep up and manage to stay with the group doing 1.7w/kg while everyone else is holding in the 0.9 - 1.2w/kg range. Not the biggest issue in the world but clearly my effort in relation to all the bots meant absolutely nothing.

Problem 2: about half way through the app stopped registering my cadence or power. So for FOUR MILES it shows me not pedaling at all. It didn’t matter because all I did was coast and draft with the lead riders and finish in the top 10, well ahead of a bunch of riders who I assume were in fact pedaling. As soon as the ride finished I check the sensor and the bike was still showing as connected.

This is quickly becoming the most worthless app in cycling for me. It simply doesn’t work.

Moved your post to the RGT category Sir. Maybe some of the regular RGT users can help you out here.

@Critmark What sensors and trainer are you using? Also take a screen shot of your sensor connections in RGT and post it. We will see if we can figure it out for you.

@JSampson I use bluetooth to connect to my Kickr Bike. I will post a pic later today. Thanks,

I’ve also never been able to successfully use RGT due to Bluetooth connection problems. The connection always fails after 30 seconds to a minute, so RGT is completely unusable.

I have a Keiser m3i, and others have experienced the same issues as described in the post linked below. I have contacted Wahoo support and apparently they are aware of the issue, but no fixes have been included in any updated RGT releases.

I’ve never had any problems with SYSTM, only RGT, so it’s clearly a problem with their codebase. Given the recent prices increases to a Wahoo subscription, hopefully they’ll offer a standalone SYSTM subscription at a lower price, because I don’t appreciate paying for a separate app that is completely broken for me.

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Agree, although my experience isn’t “completely broken” just a significant majority broken. I would fine without it given the failure rate that I experience and support never being able to fix.

My brief experience with RGT has also been less than stellar.

I’m running a Windows 11 laptop with Kickr Core, Tickr and Wahoo cadence sensor connected via the built in Bluetooth. Everything works flawlessly with Systm, Zwift and Mywhoosh.

If I run RGT on the laptop without connecting any hardware it all appears to work i.e. I appear in the “world” standing at the side of the road as expected . Connecting the hardware is seamless and I can happily ride off, power registers OK and the rider reacts as expected except that there is a significant lag with cadence - around 20 seconds or maybe more. e.g. I either ride off with zero cadence and stationary legs or I stop pedalling on the Kickr, power goes to zero but RGT continues to register cadence and the avatar legs keep turning. Riding off with zero cadence actually looks quite comical!

To be honest I don’t care - I hardly ever use Z**** et al because I really don’t like them - every so often I think I’ll give it another try, I ride for about half an hour in whatever virtual world, remember how tedious they all are, switch back to Systm and get on with enjoying my indoor training!


I’ve taken a bit of a gander on the RGT topic in the forums here and I’m not sure you’re gonna get the assistance you need here. As much as I hate FB, it seems like the best place for help is here RGT Users Support Group | Facebook

This was suggested by one of the RGT moderators. The FB group is much more active it seems with over 1000 users.


Thanks Sir Glen, good suggestion.

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Did you post on the FB support group, Mark? Any luck? Out of interest, what was the group ride? Do you have the name and/or link to hand?

@Robin-RGT-FB-mod no I didn’t post on FB. Too busy with other responsibilities. At the request of support I did install the upgrade. Actually did it right after the ride.

I did another RGT ride last night and still don’t understand it. As the time to start ran down I geared up and pedaled much harder. The ride starts and my W/Kg DROPS to 0.5 and the entire field of bots rides off without me.

After finally catching up with a group, same issue as always. I am riding at 1.7-2.2 W/Kg while NO OTHER RIDER on screen is above 0.9. The other riders in the group stay right with me despite the fact that I am working twice as hard and the group ahead of me, also riding at 0.9, pull farther away.

Twice in a 10 mile section I gear way up and push the power to above 4.0 W/Kg. The other riders fall back all of three yards and the group ahead continues to pull away, all of whom are still at 0.9 W/Kg. As soon as I back down to 1.7, the group is back with me in five seconds.

As we get closer to the end, one of the riders picks up to 2.2 W/Kg so I increase to 2.1 W/Kg. He blows right by me and in less than 2 minutes he is a half mile ahead of me.

So my experience continues to be (a) no matter what I do I don’t really impact my rider on the screen and (b) all the bots on screen are all getting twice the speed per W/Kg I am to keep up when I am putting out twice the power. It seems like another Systm ride where whatever you do is just for you because it has zero impact on what you see on the screen.

That all sounds pretty weird. I cannot think of any good theories for what is going on. The only thing that I can think of that might explain part of what you have seen would be it you were in a rubber banded ride. What was the event?

One thing that might be worth a try would be one of the group rides that is organised by one of the community groups - not by RGT. They have actual genuine human beings who you could talk to via the chat function or the radio. Team Lou, Kings n Queens, Herd, eKCD, and others host well attended group rides and they are friendly people. Some of this rides specifically aim to keep groups together so there would be people nearby on the road to talk to and experiment with.

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How would I check this? I have never changed any setting so either it has always been in this mode by default or it changed the settings without any actions by me.

Whether or not an event is set up as rubber banded is down to the organiser - it is a setting for the ride. It is only for events, not for ‘free riding’ / ‘just ride’. Were you riding in an event (group ride) when you experienced the issues? If so, what event was it? Name and/or URL from the email you got when you entered it.

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No I was doing a Magic Roads Quick Ride, not an event. So I can assume that this was not ‘rubber banded’.

Yes, that wouldn’t be rubber banded. That’s really weird. You could try Wahoo support. I have found that since Wahoo took over, it can take a while to get a meaningful response out of them - there tends to be a lot of ‘have you turned it off and on again’ responses to get through first, which is probably to be expected of a larger IT organisation.

If you do have issues again the I recommend submitting a support ticket from within the app. On most platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone - not Apple TV) that will send logs alongside your typed error report. It might be worth recording a video and sending that.

If you feel like expending the effort then I do record trying one of those group rides with some actual humans - you could describe what is happening live and see if people have suggestions. I am happy to do a group ride with you sometime but I won’t be back on my trainer until around the New Year.

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Tried this, no help.

Exactly, and once exhausted, no help.

Did this, logs sent, no help.

I have a workout schedule planned for several weeks out and I have yet to find a group ride that works within my training plan and/or time. I will keep checking though.

If I had an option to buy Systm alone without RGT for a dollar less than the two combined, I would seriously consider it. :frowning_face:

@Critmark When they bought RGT they added it to the SYSTM subscription for no additional charge so I wouldn’t anticipate a discounted offering. Still the product should work for you.

What is your trainer difficulty set to and are you using ERG mode? Are you just riding on RGT or have you imported a workout that you are following? Note that if you are not using ERG then you need to change gears to increase or decrease your speed.

Below is a screen shot of my setup without the cadence and HRM connected. Does your screen look the same?

Also have you rechecked that your weight it set correctly and in the correct units?

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The comment was more rhetorical, on the value RGT currently brings me.

No on ERG and set at 100%.

I am doing publicly available Quick Rides.

As I have done on every RGT ride I have ever done.

No, I have cadence turned on. Why would turning off cadence impact my experience. I would think it would be exactly the opposite. With it turned off how would the app know I was pedaling harder?

Yes and yes.

This is my bottom line. It worked properly for several months once I got everything figured out. Now all my starts are slow irrespective of how hard I pedal and no matter how much harder I am working as measured by W/Kg, I seem to have zero impact on the ride.

I do appreciate the input kind Sir.