⭐️ Announcing RGT and Wahoo X ⭐️

Well, today is a very big day indeed. Today, RGT Cycling joins the Wahoo family. Your existing subscription to SYSTM has been converted to a Wahoo X subscription and you now get full access to both SYSTM and RGT (you can use your SYSTM/Wahoo log-in over there) at no extra cost and at the same price of $14.99/month. Two apps for one. It’s really amazing value and, personally, I’m thrilled about this as both the head of Training Services at Wahoo and someone who loves indoor training apps. It’s a huge statement by Wahoo of our commitment to you and our determination to give you the best experience possible.

I know many of you were wondering what was taking us so long to get new functions deployed on SYSTM over the last few months. Well, now you know. We put considerable resources to work behind-the-scenes to get both apps ready to work on the Wahoo cloud, creating a single subscription and laying the groundwork for closer integration between the two apps. This meant we slowed down a bit on pushing SYSTM ahead, but it’s worth it. Now, with one subscription, you’ve got two completely different experiences to keep you riding and improving and, importantly, connecting with friends and other riders around the world. (If you’re not a subscriber yet, then we’ve got a 14-day free trial gives you full access to both platforms).

I’m a huge fan of the RGT app and the team that’s built it. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to get in there (You can download it here). As RGT comes into Wahoo and we look to create ever more powerful experiences for you all, the future is very exciting. The potential here is massive. And this forum - which we’ve now renamed Wahoo X – is the place to discuss all things SYSTM and RGT.

So who wants to join Mike Cotty on virtual group rides over the same On Location routes we feature in SYSTM? What about group workouts with Coach Neal and our Wahoo Sports Science team? What about a few Laser Goats in those RGT worlds? Our heads are literally exploding with ideas, but you tell me – what kind of things would you like to see now between SYSTM, RGT and the rest of the Wahoo ecosystem?

So thrilled about this.

David McQuillen

Head of Wahoo Training Services


PS. Here’s a copy of the Official Press Release:

Wahoo has long been synonymous with innovation and leadership in connected fitness hardware. With today’s announcement that it has acquired the virtual cycling platform RGT Cycling (now Wahoo RGT), Wahoo has added to its portfolio of training software, further strengthening its comprehensive ecosystem of integrated smart training solutions and giving endurance athletes unparalleled choice in how they train, ride, and connect with their community.

Wahoo RGT represents the next generation of virtual cycling, allowing cyclists to ride, race and explore on highly-detailed virtual roads, either alone or with others. Powered by an advanced physics engine, Wahoo RGT provides realistic drafting, cornering and braking, making it less like a video game and more like an immersive cycling simulator. Athletes can choose from a library of some of cycling’s most iconic routes and race courses—complete with authentic scenery and cheering fans—or upload their own GPX file from any route in the world and let RGT build an accurate, virtual version with the innovative Magic Roads feature. RGT also has a strong social component and robust calendar of virtual events. Subscribers have the ability to create, customize, and schedule virtual events like group rides and races and invite athletes from around the world. Users can join public events created by the RGT community, RGT’s brand partners, and the RGT community.

This isn’t Wahoo’s first foray into the indoor training software space. In 2019, the company acquired Sufferfest and last year rebranded it to Wahoo SYSTM, a comprehensive training platform for cyclists and triathletes that offers personalized workouts paired with immersive, video-based content, as well as yoga, strength, and mental training, all integrated into customizable training plans for cycling and multisport.

To make it easier and more cost-effective for athletes to take advantage of both platforms, Wahoo today also announced its launch of Wahoo X: a new premium subscription service that gives athletes full access to all of the features and content for both Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT under a single convenient subscription, account, and login. Wahoo is offering the new Wahoo X bundled subscription for the same price as the previous stand-alone SYSTM subscription, making it a market leading option for athletes who want to realize the benefits of both structured training and virtual cycling.The new single-sign on Wahoo account will also work across other Wahoo products and touchpoints, including the ELEMNT Companion App, Wahoo Fitness App, and wahoofitness.com.

“The acquisition of RGT Cycling and the launch of the new Wahoo X subscription service gives athletes more options, more convenience, and more control over how they train,” said Mike Saturnia, CEO of Wahoo. “With a single subscription and one account that works across the entire suite of Wahoo products, we’re able to deliver unprecedented value and a best-in-class experience that seamlessly integrates the Wahoo ecosystem of hardware and software solutions, allowing athletes to get the most out of their training, whether indoors or outdoors. And while the benefits are best realized through the Wahoo ecosystem, we’re committed to ensuring that our expanded offering of comprehensive training and virtual cycling software remains open and compatible with key industry players and standards. Athlete choice and freedom will continue to be at the heart of everything we do at Wahoo."

Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT are both available for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. Existing SYSTM and RGT subscribers will be migrated to Wahoo X at no additional charge. A 14-day free trial is available, allowing new users to explore the entire suite of content and functionality in both apps. Subscriptions for Wahoo X are priced at US$14.99 a month or US$129 a year, though Wahoo notes that the annual option is currently not available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

For additional information on the Wahoo X subscription service, Wahoo SYSTM, and Wahoo RGT, please visit www.wahoofitness.com/wahoo-x-subscription. To watch the launch video, please visit here: Wahoo X - Train Without Limits - YouTube


Posting on behalf of @David.McQuillen.KoS :slight_smile:


Even MORE cowbell !?!


Cool announcement, great advancement for our parish :wink:. So if I want to try an RGT ride today, can I just download and log into it using my systm credentials? (maybe I’ll even read the press release and answer that myself)

I tried RGT for a few races last year, I liked it but having to run the companion app with it was a bit awkward, but I believe that isn’t needed anymore?

  1. Are we able to do our current systm training plan workouts on RGT?
  2. If not, any plans to introduce this functionality?
    Kudos on the announcement :+1:

This would be my number 1 request also! Plan integration between SYSTM and RGT


This is great news! This has addressed a number of feature gaps on Systm that have existed for years:

  1. Custom structured workouts (e.g., from TrainingPeaks) can be opened in RGT :+1:
  2. Unstructured riding
  3. Riding custom courses (“Magic Roads”)
  4. Virtual group rides

Question marks:

  1. Running/Triathlon/Duathlon plans: Will I be able to perform my running workouts in RGT (like Zwift)?
  2. Training Plans: Will I be able to perform my planned Systm workouts (esp. Inspiration videos) in RGT? Can I take the Systm structured workouts (Novid or The Sufferfest) into RGT? (without the video, but give me an option to keep the soundtrack)
  3. Will Wahoo X have an aggregated workout history pulling in Systm, RGT, Elemnt activities into the calendar? What about activities from other sources like a Coros/Garmin watch or bike computer?
  4. Analytics: Related to activity aggregation … give me training load metrics, please!

Yes, you can log in using your SYSTM credentials. It should be seamless. Here is an FAQ just in case!


Yup, worked just fine.


Will the two apps ever be fully integrated into one app? Knowing how software development works, having to develop 2 apps isn’t ideal long-term.

Also, when will systm get an actual useable calendar (able to easily do bulk moves, pause/push back training a week or x # of days for a vacation or life’s random occurrences)? The current way of manipulating the calendar is not feasible. It’s backasswards to tell end-users that in order to move multiple training sessions, they have to delete a training plan and do calendar math to push a training schedule back however many days? Whoever thought that was a good solution for calendar manipulation shouldn’t be on the wahoo dev team.


Just logged into RGT on Apple TV app. Under the workout section there are currently 3 options.

  1. RGT library.
  2. Scheduled.
  3. Uploaded.

Having clicked on all three options I can confirm that my current systm training plan series of workouts do not appear. :upside_down_face:


Cheers, going to download RGT now and have a spin this evening.

In terms of what id like to see on RGT in future the tour definitely comes to mind, some group workouts would be great. Races with other sufferlandrians/wahooligans would be good to. Ideally I’d like to be able to do a systm workout in RGT without having to run two apps as I do currently when I use the training time to upgrade in zwift


This is exciting. I look forward to seeing how it develops.


I’m particularly happy about RGT’s Magic Roads feature and the comments in DC Rainmaker’s article about the relative ease of upgrading RGT’s graphics.


Oh man I can’t wait for TOS next year. I’ve been really impressed how much community the TOS allows for a bunch of people doing individual workouts. If there was a way to ride the Tour together that would be epic!

If the rumors about a Zwift/Trainer road deal are true this would basically consolidate the indoor training market to two major platforms.


I also hope this is eventually the case, although the fact that they use the same log in credentials and cloud system is a great start! It still drives me crazy that I have a Wahoo fitness app (to setup kickr) and Wahoo Element app and Wahoo System app on my phone. I think long term one product app and one training app would be ideal.




Oooh. :thinking: