⭐️ Announcing RGT and Wahoo X ⭐️

Bunch skills are a key element to racing but I can agree that you won’t build that on the trainer.
Which is why the behavior in may big events like Amy Gillette has turned into something so dangerous I won’t do them anymore.
Sorry but you cant convince me that that there are any bunch skill in RGT or zwift. No positioning, no echelons, no moving in the wind, etc and the whole drafting bit is a joke that is so unreal that its pointless.
Ok TTT might have some level of not dropping you mates but that is not teamwork.

More than happy to debate the tactics. Ok I have only done the 6 Auscycling races but when you talk to everyone, they all admit that in the end even in A grade it’s just a hard starting effort and then hanging on till the sprint at the end. That is a threshold effort that requires no tactics.

I’m not the biggest fan of Zwift or RGT but if you view them as junk km it’s because you’re deciding to ride it as junk km. No different than outside.


My definition is not the point.


My top 3 will be:

  1. Flexible subscription model – Right now it seems that all Indoor SW platforms have adapted the monthly/annual subscription model, which is good, but I would love to see an additional ‘pay as use’ model alongside. Something that will allow me to use the app whenever I want and pay only per the time I use. There are many ways to work this out such as a minimum monthly fee around $2-$4 that will count towards that usage. Each ride will cost a X cents per hour or KM and whenever the usage goes above the minimum monthly charge your meter starts to accumulate. This way even if I have a monthly subscription elsewhere, I can still use the app as I wouldn’t mind depositing a small fee to allow me access.

  2. Allow the flexibility to access all of SYSTM’s workouts within RGT - Meaning that one can do the workout on an RGT road rather than playing a SYSTM’s video.

  3. Have both RGT & SYSTM support true ‘Power Match’ functionality so that you can use your own power meter as ‘source of truth’ to control the trainer’s resistance.


It appears that I misinterpreted what you wrote. It wasn’t clear to me that “These” referred to. I had thought it referred to “short races”. I was there’s trying to understand what the criterion or criteria for “short race” was/were as that might have helped me tell you if there were some relevant races.

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Having absolutely no interest in racing / virtual rides, I find the amount of RGT posts rather overwhelming.

For those who feel the same: You can mute the RGT category in ‘Preferences’:


Brilliant post that should probably be its own topic, “how to use forum tools to prevent info overload”

Cant wait for that :+1:

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Great news! Congratulations Wahoo, I think this is a fantastic move and I look forward to new developments :grinning:


While the first and the last of these are not on our roadmap at the moment, the second one absolutely is. We’ll look, first, to implement 4DP in RGT and then bring the workouts over giving you more choice about how to get your training in.


You made me an even more loyal customer!!!

Love it so much.


This upsets me :pensive: no powermatch is the only thing keeping me from system.

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That’s cool, RGT has never done FTP testing etc. very well (you had to manually set your FTP really low, then do a 20 min effort). Be good to have proper testing in there.


Excellent news and (IMHO) a platform with better graphics and potential than its rivals. I have tried it out and like what I see - my legs, on the other hand, need more flogging!! Bravo team, we (the community) just keep going from strength to strength!


Are there plans to let RGT push completed workouts to Garmin Connect as SYSTM does? I am thinking specifically for that sweet firstbeat integration.
That would be my personal killer feature to make me ditch all other subscriptions.


+1 for this.

Currently have to request an e-mail from RGT with the .fit file attached, then manually import it into Garmin Connect, which isn’t ideal.

My understanding is the Garmin integration is pretty expensive, so didn’t happen previously as RGT were only a small team. Hopefully with Wahoo on board it should happen pretty soon :crossed_fingers:


Definitively NO! RGT feels and looks real, at least as real as a virtual cycling platform can be. Leave non real animals and other invented stuff for the Z gaming platform.

There could be real goats in RGT. And maybe a setting to toggle lasers on and off depending on rider preference🙂

There are already “real” goats in some roads at RGT. If you dont go to fast they are detectable. Formentor road is a sure thing to see them.


You’re not from around here, are you? Laser Goats are DEFINITELY real. I’ve seen/hallucinated them. Also mud beasts, Cotty cows, t-rex, and monster hamsters.