⭐️ Announcing RGT and Wahoo X ⭐️

No I have Wattbike Atom. I need to change gear. how?

Perhaps I’m missing something but so you not just use the buttons on the shifter to change gear on a Wattbike Atom?

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Well the app would have to receive this and act upon in, this is not happening

Are you doing a free ride or workout in ERG mode? If the latter then I wouldn’t expect changing gear to do anything since the app will just set a target power to maintain.

No I took it out of Erg.

It’s probably worth emailing support then

HI All

Before I submit a ticket anyone else having issues with sensor connection via BLE on latest Mac OSX. I’ve done the close app/ re-open, Bluetooth on/ off, computer shutdown/ re-start. No other active connections. Won’t find either my HRM or TACX Neo 2T - iPad RGT app finds them immediately.


Exactly. Of course I’ve been beaten by the over-70’s female world champ, so not sure how old I’ll need to get, but I’m patient.



I’d like an answer to this too please!

There’s an issue that Wahoo aren’t dealing with. The buttons to shift gear aren’t functioning sin e the app change

Using SYSTM for some months now, and RGT from time to time (along the big “Z” ), I must admit that this is great news :slight_smile:

I personnaly love the videos in SYSTM for hard sessions. They’re fun, perfectly match the action, and are good at making you forgetting the pain. Not sure that doing them in RGT would be as nice. BUT giving the choice to user could be cool: for instance, I have “Nine Hammers” scheduled today, when I click on it: Launch on SYSTm or launch on RGT" on that’s it. Or just make it appear on the scheduled RGT workouts.

Syncing RGT activities to wahoo cloud is must-have short term.

Then on RGT, they have this very special and nice feature of bots, and specially “real bots” that don’t stick to a given W/kg. They push sometimes, then take the wheels, attack…etc. I’m pretty sure something nice can be done with this and workouts from SYSTM, to make them more “alive” in RGT


On windows I can connect my Neo 2 (non-T) and HRM fine. I have for ages because my power meter has a delay that makes racing hard.

This is there already. Check your ELEMNT app and you’ll see your RGT rides in the history. And in the near future you’ll see them in SYSTM.

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I’ve checked, before, and after updating the ELEMNT app, and…nope, my latest RGT ride (yesterday) is not there. RGT was up to date and I was logged with my wahoo account :slight_smile:
And the old RGT rides are not there either

Profoundly grateful here!

There are some extra buttons on the brake hoods of my KICKR bike. Can we find a use for these in RGT SIM mode?

Can we get control of the Wahoo fan in the X app? I’m still using the old Wahoo app just to control the fan.

Can we get stream/cast control into the X app on Android? I’ve been watching Netflix, etc no problem during workouts, but if I use the Home app to cast the workout and video, the sound cuts out within a few minutes, and in some cases, the video fails as well. Without casting, everything works fine on the phone.

And thanks for asking what would enhance my access to suffering. I can complain all day :wink:

I forgot to mention something. I already the Sufferfest esports plan with the races on RGT. The plan calls for short races. These don’t exist on RGT. Maybe now you have RGT the plans and RGT could match a bit better?

RGT isn’t very bandwidth hungry but you do need to have a fairly reliable connection ideally with low-ish ping time.

Some devices provide speech to text which might be useful for you - I use that on RGT on my Apple TV.

On a related note, there are some hints of features that RGT were thinking of in this YouTube video… including some changes to in game chat. RGT - The Breakaway Podcast - Episode 2 - eSports - YouTube … although the recent change might have shuffled the roadmap a bit.

What do you consider a short race?

There are things like the SDW Friday Frenzy races. I think they tend to last around 30-35 mins.

Thanks. I uninstalled and re-installed app and it seems to connect OK now - will check stability on a short ride today.