🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀

Are others able to get workouts to play in the Android app? I’ve tried to play a couple of Yoga vids and just get a ‘Video error’ message (My phone is connected to a rock-solid Internet connection). There’s no option to make a video available offline either. I tried some other workouts and the video half-played but there was no music, no content, and pausing/resuming didn’t work properly.

Sadly as it stands the Android version is completely useless to me.

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Look at your current plan. Scroll in the calendar to find its end date and add two weeks to it. Delete the current plan and add the new one using the new end date.

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Any way to play music in iOS on the same device during a workout? It worked (wonkiky) in Sufferfest pre-update. Doesn’t work now. I had a very quiet no-vid workout this morning.


Whilst also not really a fan of the new “branding” (how drab and boring) ultimately the training is as good as it ever was, and that’s what it’s about. The new app is a step up in how it offers a bit more, is DEFINITELY much more “polished” than the original app (on Windows it was always sluggish and felt like swimming through treacle) and overall is a step up.

Sucks to see The Sufferfest branding pushed to the background, but overall it’s an improvement.


Glad it’s here for Android. I could care less about all the other stuff and fluff. This ALWAYS will be The Sufferfest for me! I was one of your first, and will be supportive, whether this FOBS (Fat, Old, Bald, and Slow) is up for all the changes or not. Not a fan whatsover of the flag change, and am kicking myself for not getting one years ago. Oh well…change with the times, I guess.


@Sir_Brian_M I just tried that and it didn’t work, I should be on Cobbler today but it’s showing The Way Out. I don’t know how to re-align the calendar with the next workout I should be on and now that I deleted the initial plan, I don’t know if the rest of the plan is all out of whack now as I didn’t make a screenshot. This is such an obtuse way to manipulate the calendar, it makes no sense at all.

Is there a way to synch the training calendar on the app with one’s own personal calendar on Google or one of the other online calendars?


@BGeff That’s another feature that was promised but doesn’t appear to have been added.


It’s a workaround. But because of all the new content so it won’t necessarily be identical to your old plan, but should accomplish the same goals. For more specific help, contact the minions.

I’ve used this workaround in the past and it worked for me. Just trying to help.

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there is def a way to download the workouts. I’m not an android user but in iOS once you select the workout from the library, beside “Start Workout” is a down arrow that would allow you to download it. Any android users out there can correct me if it’s different on droid over iOS.

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There is no option yet

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@Sir_Brian_M I appreciate your help. Unfortunately the workaround didn’t seem to address my goal. No fault of yours of course, just a terribly designed calendar modifying system by Sufferfest and Wahoo.

I’ve contacted the minions but haven’t heard anything in 4 hours. I assume they’ll be busy with the new app rollout so who knows when I might hear back and even if/when I hear back I’m sure they’ll just say something about a useful calendar will be in the next upgrade. Hopefully it doesn’t take 2 more years for that. I’m so annoyed I’m about to jump ship to TR.


THIS :fu: please! :slight_smile:


YES! I want all those things too!! I believe some of it is even in the works. Today’s release being the beginning of more things to come. Welcome to the future :slight_smile:


100% agree with you there. Rebrand smacks of commercial cash-in. Sorry I guess you don’t want to hear that. But you drew us in with the edgy insulting crazy suffering theme. Like so many ventures that become victims of their own success, you forget what it started as, what you were about and you dilute yourselves in pursuit of $$.

Hey, it’s your business model, so you can do what you like with it. But we’ve sadly lost something unique and distinctive from the world of cycling. And you’ve lost me.

It’s been good.

Glad I still have all my paid for Sufferfest original video files. I’ll keep it real.



So far I’ve had a 25% success rate in updating my four Apple devices. :unamused:

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what does clicking the three dot … menu bring up for you?

If it’s Android then downloads aren’t available there yet

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I was expecting something to compete againts TR’s adaptive training but so far it seems like an only cosmetic update. Let’s wait and see if there are any future upgrades…

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