Another failed RGT ride

Only had a strenth workout on my plan today so tried to supplement with and RGT session.

Never know what to do so selected magic Road Foz.

Why do we have to wait 5 minutes, I want to start now.

One thing that baffles me is why does the trainer show green, at the same time saying failed to connect underneath.
It surely should be red if it falls to connect
When it did start within 2 seconds the app had crashed/locked.
When I closed and restarted it let me resume. Of course all the bots had gone up the road, good, I don’t want them.

I didn’t select Erg. My instinct is to have Erg on, but it doesn’t seem to work right on RGT.

Instantly thouh the terrain was level at first, effort was high, why I don’t know.
Unfortunately with a Wattbike on RGT I have no idea what gear I am in.
I changed difficulty fro 90% to 40%.

The power and effort seeems to be a mystery to me. After 10 minutes I packed it in and went back to SYSTM,
This really is a piece of ****.
Still waiting on an dummy’s guide, not a video but something I can read.

Every time I use RGT I come out more determined never to use it again


Not sure about the crashing thing but it does require a good and stable internet connection, I have been crashed out a few times as My trainer is quite a way from my router and i am using wi-fi and not a cabled connection to my laptop. In a normal ride like magic roads or just ride they are all done in level mode (you set the level %) but how you know what level you need to set is a mystery until you are on the ride and then find it is too hard or easy. You will have to change gears/cadence as you would on a normal ride. If you select ERG mode it will ask you for a wattage setting and whatever you put in there say 120 watts for example, that is what you will stay at throughout the ride!!. If you select a workout then that “should” create the ride and change the levels for you based on your SYSTM profile but TBH that didn’t work for me the only time I decided to do a workout in RGT (basically again setting ERG asked me for a wattage therefore totally ignoring my SYSTM profile). I sent off a post to the minions at Wahoo and they stressed that ERG mode should work correctly in an RGT workout and gave me details of how to send a bug report if it happens next time. I have yet to try it again . Everything I have learned is by trial and error so Yes, considering the amount of issues people have with that platform an easy to understand written guide that is all in one place and not spread all over the Wahoo website would be a great help

Regarding a workout in RGT in ERG mode, that is almost exclusively how I use RGT and it has never failed me. In ANT+ it was slow, but since switching to Bluetooth that hasn’t been an issue either.

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In terms of starting up a Magic Road, the reason you have to wait is that a separate servet gets spun up for each individual race or event. You can ride more rapidly by joining one of the ‘always on’ servers for the Just Ride roads.

There are some support pages under here:

Support pages:

For example, there is the RGT ‘simple overview’:

If you want to ride along and have the resistance based on the terrain then keep ERG off. The “Trainer difficulty” determines what percentage of the gradient you ‘feel’. E.g. if it is on 50% then a 10% hill will feel like 5%. Your speed is still modelled on your power output so you don’t inherently go faster at a lower Trainer Difficulty. I generally keep TD on 100% but then my trainer maxes out at 10% gradient, anyway, so I don’t run out of gears.

With ERG mode on, the software will try to keep your power at the set level, and you can manage that level yourself (if you aren’t doing a workout) or it is managed based on the workout if you are doing a workout. This is based on the FTP setting in your RGT profile. I don’t really use SYSTM and am not familiar with whether your RGT FTP can be automatically updated based on your SYSTM 4DP levels. @ozmadman, I wonder if the issues you had were related to your RGT FTP not being set.

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Nope, FTP is set in RGT

I had two crashes today on one magic road. One on Windows 11 and one on Android.

I was finishing the March challenge with “Half the Road” on Systm, and thought I’d try out one of my custom magic roads at the same time. Got going on Systm, then joined my magic road ride which took 5 minutes to load. I started on Windows and it crashed 2km into the ride. The crash was a freeze and never recovered. Since I couldn’t restart, I popped RGT up on my phone to try to continue. The ride started again from scratch. About 18km in, Android crashed. This time it recovered itself and picked up where it left off. When I finished the Systm workout, I had to use task manager to end the RGT task on the PC.

I can post links to the Strava entries of each if interested.

On another note, RGT opens in full screen on Windows and I can’t change the size of the window. Unbelievably annoying.

Just press ALT+Enter. That toggles a windowed mode. Once in that mode, you can move & resize.


@jonty12 RGT uses a lot of memory. It runs best on a gaming PC which obviously not everyone has. When starting your ride, click the Menu button and select Options and then Graphics and see if a different setting helps.

I have had pretty good results on a newer IPad Pro on the medium setting but do still crash from time to time.

I almost always have the same issue that you have with exiting the program. It usually hangs around on IPad until I force quit and on Apple TV I need to do the same.

Despite the issues I really like the program and do some of my recovery rides, NoVid workouts and Z2 stuff there when the weather doesn’t allow me to get outside.

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Thanks for the advice on options changing. I’ll try that.

It’s running on an i9 with 32gb ram and a dedicated Nvidia graphics card. Just the two Wahoo apps running. It really should be more stable.

Yeah I run RGT on a paltry i7 with a dedicated gfx card. You theoretically should have no issues. Wonder what ia going on there.

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All is well on my pure AMD system (Ryzen 5 5500, 6750XT). Latest RGT, up to date Windows 11.