April Spring Classics Challenge Results

Wow! 60km/h at 3.5W/kg

As rough guide I think it takes about 6W/kg to cycle at 60km/h on flat ground with no wind.

More like 10-15W/Kg, depending on size of the rider:
Cycling Wattage Calculator (omnicalculator.com)

Surely that’s a glitch in the system? Or perhaps they teleported during the ride?

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To be legitimately more than 10 minutes faster than second place seems most unlikely.

Agree. 6W/kg does not include many factors so very forgiving.

Another nice calculator at

Is it possible to scroll the list? I wanted to see my ranking after riding the course this morning. Also does RGT categorize by age group?

List scrolls for me. Only filter option is male/female.

If I have the correct rider you are 230.

@Johan Thanks - yes, that is me. It wasn’t scrolling on my iPad for some reason.