Beat the Pros [1/7] : starts Thursday (27of July)

Beat the Pros : solo Pros vs drafting RGT-enthusiasts : the competition starts next Thursday!

3 slots, for your convenience
11am CET:
7:30pm CET:
2am CET (5pm PST):

1st event: the last iTT of the GIRO 2023, won by Roglic in 44’23 (solo, that is): Giro d'Italia 2023 | Stage 20 | Roglic vs Thomas - YouTube
And us, as a peloton of drafting RGT-enthusiast (at least until the foot of the terrible climb), how much longer will it take us ?

Time-based, with 3 categories:

See you on Thursday!


PS: Jonas Iversby HVIDEBERG, the last of the stage that day, did it in 58’09 (which will still be hard to beat, to say the least)

Day - 3 before the 1st stage of this 7-event series

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Day - 1 !!

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11am CET (9am UK time):
7:30pm CET (5:30pm UK time):
2am CET (midnight UK time):

I’ll stream the 7:30pm CET session, please feel free to stream / share as well :slight_smile:

The general classification over the series is based on cumulative time spent over the course of the entire event
See you tomorrow !

Less than 4 hours before the 1st timeslot of the 1st stage launches !
With later options for your convenience


Wheres the link for the stream?

I’ll stream the 7:30pm CET session on Twitch (as in, I’ll ride it, but check the other groups as well as much as possible and compare with the time set on the previous time slot )

Congrats to those who are still on the last climb but pushing themselves to finish this first terrible stage !

IRL, the time were spread between P. Roglic (44’23) and J. Hvideberg (58’09)

On RGT (in a group, with draft on), we have someone who got close to the Pro’s time already, on the first time slot :heart_eyes:
Noriyuki Matsuda just achieved a fantastic “just under the hour” ride.

The time to beat if you want to grab the leader’s jersey in this series is 59’51"5 !

Thanks for those who participated in the morning slot, this is a tough course (the toughest of the entire series)

Links for the 2 other time slots available today :
7:30pm CET:
2am CET (5pm PST):

(Temporary?) Podium :

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The “open” and “veteran” podiums for this 1st stage (out of 7), and the full detailed standings for the curious ( RGT Cycling Classifications )

Note that W. Claes and A. Dubré managed to go under the time of the last IRL pro :scream: :muscle: (58’09 IRL) but more than 10’ behind Roglic’s time is reassuring, even if the Pros did it after 3 weeks of Giro :smile:

Next week, we move on to the 1st CLM of the Giro, won by Evenepoel, with much (much!) less gradient than today
11am CET:
7.30pm CET:
2am CET (5pm PST):
And the whole series if you want to register early: Beat the Pros (scratch races, draft ON, to compare with pros' solo efforts) - RGTDb