BEAT THE PROS : LAST STAGE [7/7] : Wollongong

A few figures on the series, before the final round next week (Wollongong):
11am (CET):
7:30pm (CET):
5pm (PST):

27 runners finished yesterday’s race, over the 3 different time slots, which is nice ! (especially, 4 runners on the “night” slot, which has seen regulars slowly arriving in recent weeks)

71 different runners have finished at least 1 stage, and 11 runners have finished at least 3 of the 6 stages so far!

Here are the current podiums and the 6 runners still mathematically in contention for a place on the “Best of 5” podium (out of 7 races)
I’m ahead for the moment (but the only one >5 races, so I’m very, very likely to drop below the podium next week)

There are plenty of other tight positions in the rest of the rankings : as usual, the full rankings are here: Beat the Pros (scratch races, draft ON, to compare with pros' solo efforts) - RGTDb

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Bummed I didn’t get to ride as many of these as I wanted. Started a new job a few weeks ago and my wife gave birth to our second about 2.5 weeks ago.

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These are still crazy good achievements ! Congrats !
And thanks you liked the series nonetheless. I’ll keep that timeslot request for the next time I organize a series.
Right now during the WE, the Vuelta series has a “4pm PST” timeslot as well (still going for 2 weeks : Vuelta weekends 2023 ᵇʸ ᵐᵒᵒⁿʳⁱᵈᵉʳˢ - RGTDb)


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Reminder : tomorrow is the last stage of the entire series, don’t hesitate to come join us to celebrate :slight_smile:

And here is the current podium, established on the first timeslot this morning : Last chance to ride the series, it’s the 7th and last stage, see you tonight ?

7:30pm (CET):
5pm (PST):

Stat of the moment : Daniel Badke can take the “Best of 5” win tonight if he finishes 2nd or better :wink:
1h00’59 is the time to beat for him (thanks Keith Aitch for establishing such a tough time for him to beat :smile: )

I’ll publish the definitive results tomorrow after the last session is done, but already thanks everyone for participating in the series !
Capture d’écran 2023-09-07 à 21.32.12

And it’s officially the end of the series. I’m so happy of all the help i got setting it up and all the positive comments I received from the participants.
79 different riders finished at least 1 race, with some of them having been quite a challenge, it means a lot !!

All detailed results of the series can be found here :

You needed 3+ races to make it to the top 10 of the point classification and the “best of 5” gave a huge advantage to the regulars (yey me ! ^^)

Attached :
The podium for the different categories, and a detailed look at the top 10 for “GC” and “Vet-only GC” (GG Daniel Badke ! )
Nathalie Peralta takes the win on the feminine competition !

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