Beat the Pros : Results after Stage 2 ! (and links for next weeks)

The podium for the fast and furious stage 2 is entirely composed of riders of the morning time slot !

I had to quadruple check but the winner of the evening race was just shy of 0.016 second to make it to the daily podium, even though he could not see the morning time slot sprint going on :smile:

You can see that we also had 2 finishers for the 5PM BST time slot this time. They seemed to have stayed together until the final sprint. Hope that the “American/Australian” time slot gets noticed by new riders as the weeks go.

Special congratulations also to Nathalie Peralta, who’s the first woman finisher of the series !

We have had 38 finishers so far for the first 2 stages, thanks a lot !

Here are the current podium positions (Nathalie is obviously leading the women ranking)

If you want to see the detailed classification and the program over the final 5 weeks or register in advance Beat the Pros (scratch races, draft ON, to compare with pros' solo efforts) - RGTDb

With 5 stages to go, we expect things to still change quite a lot


Also : introducing the “Best of 5” (out of 7 races) classification (to account for summer weeks off for some riders)

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In the end : the best time set by Tristan Dimmock on RGT remains 4’11 slower than the last pro in solo iTT (and 7’48 behind Remco Evenepoel). They had tailwind that day, but still :smiley: