Being left behind on RGT

Hi all
I haven’t been exploring RGT a huge amount yet but when I have signed up to join a group ride I get totally left behind at the start.
I’m on a Wattbike Atom. I wait at the start with the other riders, watch the event countdown clock , begin pedalling in advance then watch while the pack disappear up the road!! It seems to take a good 10 secs for my avatar to start moving even though I’m pedalling.
I then have to bury myself to catch up. Any ideas why there’s a delay for me at the start line?? It’s putting me off using the platform. Thanks

Reposting this as I’ve signed up to an RGT event this morning.
Anyone else use an Atom with RGT and getting left at the start?

Yeah I’m the same, we are getting an upgrade to a fiber line on Monday I’m hopeful that sorts out the issue :+1:t2:

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Depending on the ride configuration, you may be able to teleport up to the group if you do get left behind at the start.