Bot behaviour update


This was updated “directly on the server” (aka : no need for an update on our side this time)

Is the Real Bots high ‘appetite’ for drafting supposed to be something new? That has always been my experience, excepting that they would never let me draft with them. Similarly they would often take a bad line if I was in a good one, again doing anything to avoid allowing me to draft with them. So based on my experience, nothing new here.

Thanks Lucian for the update. I thought that the bots of late have been fine and I have even resumed my regular races against them. There has been some minor “wiggling” from the pace bots but apart from that they have been quite good. I am concerned that the real bots now “have a low appetite for steering into the optimal path(cutting corners)”, as to be honest we want the real bots to be as “real” as possible and to mimic what a real rider would do. I think a real rider would try to steer the optimal path. These are my initial thoughts and observations but I will provide further feedback when I have a few more rides with the changed bots under my belt.

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After testing :

Pace bots are now easy enough to follow to be also suitable for people who don’t want to bother too much with steering

Race bots are “calmed down” but still looking for wheels which is the expected behaviour

PS : I’m passing the message that I saw, from Lucian, but I’m not him :sweat_smile:

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