Can I re-map the buttons on a KICKR Bike for RGT steering?

I am interested in giving RGT another chance. I have a KICKR Bik, and apparently the inner buttons can control steering. Unfortunately, those buttons are needed for campy style shifting, which I need at the moment because my hand is semi-immobilized in a splint, and will be for a while.

In the real world I chose Campy shifting because with Shimano you have to be able to feel your fingers to accurately select whether you are shifting up or down - with Campy you only need to be able to tell the difference between your finger and your thumb, which is important at the end of a mountain ride on a rainy winter day when you’re cold, sore and stupid… not a problem on an indoor trainer, but the reason I got the trainer was accessibility around a surgery which made outdoor riding unsafe, and makes Campy-type shifting important for me again. (And it has been such a good hardware/software experience that I will likely always have an indoor trainer as long as I can move my legs)

On the other hand, I very rarely use the top buttons in any app - the application controls tilt, and I just don’t need to change levels since I can define a very wide range of gears in software and I just can’t see myself switching into and out of ERG mode. It would be great if we were able to re-map these buttons to something useful. Thanks for listening.

I ride both Sram and Shimano and the button presses are different, tho of course no thumb pressing. But likewise when switching to my MTB. I’ve never had an issue doing the wrong thing when switching bikes, sometimes back to back. While waiting for an answer on the remapping, is it worth switching to sram/shimano on the Kickr Bike for now given you’re indoors?

Based on what I saw from a developers comments last night in one of the Facebook groups, no not yet. I see no way to change it in the new RGT app. Whether it can be re-mapped in the Wahoo app for the KICKR BIKE, will have to wait and see.

I am curious what it will do for you now as you have things configured, will RGT now ignore your shifter configuration for the KICKR BIKE? It seems so.

My suggested workaround would be to switch to the SRAM eTap-style shifting. With that you just shift up or down with right or left shifter paddles (you choose the config) and to virtual shift the front chainring you would use both left and right shifter paddles at the same time. It sounds like that might work for your current mobility limitations, although it will be a different style of shifting.

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I will try RGT sometime in the next few days and see how the defaults work when the bike is set up for Campy in the Wahoo app, then I’ll see what I can do with the eTap setup. Thanks for the suggestions.


Let us know how it works. I agree re sram as a better alternative to shimano for you. Hopefully it works well for you :crossed_fingers:

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