Chase the yellow : nicely crowded stage event

An intense and well-populated competition starts next week on RGT : “chase the Yellow” :yellow_heart:

In summary

  • 9 stages (1 stage every 2/3 days)
  • 3 slots for each stage (9am - 6pm - midnight, UTC)
  • 1 Road challenge (Télégraphe + Galibier) on July 22

The Competition will reward scratch rankings (+separation men/women) and the first places will be subject to verification (weight + calibration + double-capture requested at the end of the event).

The full description is well done :


1st stage
Tuesday, 4th of July : Avranches → Mt-saint-Michel , 32km
9am UTC =
6pm UTC =
midnight UTC

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More than 180 finishers yesterday (2 first timeslots are more crowded though)

Thursday events :
9am UTC :
6pm UTC :
midnight UTC :

Chase the Yellow of the day (with 80+ entries in each timeslot)

Timeslot 9am UTC:
Timeslot 6pm UTC:

(Chateauredon-Sisteron, downhill :fast_forward: )