Chase the Yellow

I’d really like to complement the organizers of chase the yellow. It has been a terrific series showing extremely high levels interest, participation levels and rider engagement. What was particular positive to me, is whilst the competition was tough at the sharp end (like it should be), the spirit and cross-team (and country) co-operation and banter down the standings was terrific to see.

More events of this nature should be hosted on the RGT platform.

What however is sad to see, is that the result of the challenge road are now longer visible - RGT can do do better.


Yeah sad to say I’m just getting (more) into RGT and missed this one. It looked interesting and I heard a lot of the chatter about it in the forum. +1 to keep this stuff up!

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@Casual I really wish I could have joined this challenge but was preparing for a race so had to stick to my schedule. It is great to hear your feedback and I will definitely check out the next series when my calendar clears.

@RGT-FB-Moderator Any thoughts on the above and how the results could be posted for a longer period?


They have disappeared whilst the challenge road is still open…

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I’m sorry that’s ‘not my department’ :wink: but I’ll see if I can find out :+1:


The organisers requested that they wanted it to remain as a featured event in the app, events that are featured do not have live results … everyone will have access to them once the challenge has finished :slight_smile:


The results were accessible and available to view until (at least) last Sunday…

If you are looking for the individual stage results you can find them here :slight_smile:

The Challenge is entirely separate from the Race Series and CTL asked for the Col Du Telegraph to be left up as a SEPARATE challenge.

When you view the challenge, the notes there direct you to rgtdb for the seperate race series results, but the Challenge Road results do not become available until the challenge ends :slight_smile:

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I’m well aware on how to access the overall results, and once again re-iterate that the challenge results were available to about a week ago……. At the time, a well known rider with dubious performance (I’m reluctant to call him a cheater, as I think he is simply using incompatible equipment ) was leading the challenge results by some 10
Minutes. One of our riders was sitting in 4th place, and a cluster thereafter.

These results were a regular talking point amongst our members (RGT Australia) as did the aforementioned rider’s performance. I have also fielded multiple queries on why the results are no longer reflecting…………

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Hi Barry- I worked out it was you after my last answer :wink:. I’m sorry as I wish I could tell you more. I can only give the answer that was given to me from RGT …
I hope you get the info you need elsewhere :sunglasses::+1:

Our riders were using the live results to target better performances (against both peers and competitors), and there was increased interest as new results were recorded…….

These responses has unfortunately increased my disappointment in the results no longer appearing……

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Is there some confusion here Barry?
Are you talking about the CTY challenge road currently offered on the ‘front page’ of the RGT APP, or the individual CTY races?
Challenge road results have never been shown until the challenge ends. Race results are the domain of the event organisers and they provide them independently.
I’m a volunteer moderator I don’t work for RGT. If I’ve misunderstood then be disappointed in me and not RGT. I’ve asked the questIon on your behalf based on my understanding of it, and answered based on my understanding from my own knowledge and some feedback from RGT in direct relation to the Challenge Road currently available to ride on RGT.
Best wishes
PS thanks for all you do for RGT Australia !!!

Challenge road results……… as I’ve said above they were available for view up to (at least) last Sunday. It looks like they disappeared on Monday

Here is a VERY early snip of the challenge road results that don’t exist (if memory serves me correct, taken the same day, or the day after the challenge road opened).

You will note that this is both the challenge road and taken directly from the RGT application (and not from a third party provider such as RGTDB).

For the record, in our own internal forums, the results were continuously commented on, and RGT Australia performances were celebrated as they occurred……

This is in addition to the series results (which, received a significant amount of focus)

At this juncture, it’s probably worth noting the further disappointment we had over the challenge road. On Monday evening (Australian time), we attempted to mount a group assault on the challenge road. Intent was to get 20 plus RGT Australia members on the road simultaneously (optimistic considering the road itself!). Riders were to self-seed according to ability, and we were hoping that the group dynamics would encourage the weaker rides to finish, whilst giving the more competitive riders company on the ride.

Early log on’s seem to have had no issues entering the ride, and then reports started emerging of other been unable to join the event……… I tested on my partners account - and definitely wasn’t working (yea, I have pics and videos!)

As it was, I’d guess about 10 got off the start line, of which I’d reckon there was a 50 per cent completion rate. There was also positive confirmation of ±5 not being able to access the event (so I reckon we would have got 20 on the ride)

I suspect this issue was caused by the extension of the challenge road to the entire month (which incidentally was done very early in process - with myself being one of those that requested it. This request was made due to the favourable feedback we were getting on our own internal forums!)

Whilst on the bike on Monday, I submitted an informal (not formal!) support request, and whilst acknowledged, I have yet to receive any feedback

Almost forgot - other challenge results are still being shown (as they always have been shown)

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Hi Barry
This is the official answer from RGT :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting that they discovered it was a featured event a couple of day’s before the challenge road was due to shut… (and I wander if anyone has bothered to tell the life plus challenge organisors that they AREN’T a featured event). :rofl:

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