Could we do Leadville 100 on MagicRoads?

Would it be possible to do the Leadville 100 on MagicRoads?

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I think there is a 100km limit, so you’d have to split the route, but yeah.

I’ve got to think the MagicRoad has already been built multiple times and yet I don’t see one (note that I am not an RGT nor MagicRoads expert)

Here’s another potential place to look, but I can’t make it work at the office, might be blocked

There’s a 100 km limit for Magic Roads, so you’ll want to divide it into sections.

When you create parts:

  1. first part should start 60 meters before start line.
  2. adjacent parts should overlap by precisely 200 meters.
  3. last part should extend precisely 140 meters past the finish line.