Custom Multisport Plan Questions

I had this bright idea in the dark of winter to sign up for 70.3 Muncie this fall despite only ever doing a super sprint and then bike portion of 70.3 relay.

The calendar lines up pretty well with prep races this summer so my Olympic plan ends perfectly with an OD tri and then right on to 12 weeks to Muncie


  1. Since you need a recent FF for a custom plan when should I sneak it in on the Oly plan? 3weeks out from the end?
  2. I have a relay deferral from Michigan 70.3 that is 3 weeks before Muncie. I am the biker for my team and I’m assuming the custom plan can help work around this but am I crazy to do that so close to the big one?

@PapaCarm great to see you have some events on the calendar! Your training schedule is feasible, however, we always recommend that you have one week recovery between your plans. I did not see you mention a gap/recovery week in your timeline. Recovery is always key! If you have not started your OD Plan I suggest you execute a FF test before beginning to establish your current baselines. If you want to optimize your training time and specific dates the totally customized plans would give you the most of your training.

To answer you specific questions:

1.The 3rd week before the end of your OD plan is a recovery week so we would not want to put the FF on that week, recovery is a vital asset to your overall success. I would put the test in week 10. The test is a hard session and will take it’s toll so added recovery may be needed.
Checking morning metrics for training readiness will be imperative. It would be best not to try to add in a test but rather replace a session with the test.

  1. The relay opportunity is a great additional training stimulus to get you ready for Muncie. It is also a real time situation to practice your race day set up, nutrition strategies and technical choices.

You have several moving parts that need to be lined up and executed well and you have waited a good deal of time for these races to come to fruition. I would recommend that you get a fully customised plan or book a call with our SUF/Wahoo Coaches-

All the best with your training!

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Thanks for the info, this definitely confirms I’ll want to do the custom plan. I had a rest week in between each of the Sprint - Olympic - 70.3 but I messed up the timing and won’t have a rest week between the OD and 70.3. Not great I know but the OD does line up with the OD I was planning to do.

Thanks for the answers!