De Ja Vu or maybe Groundhog Day with a cyclist playing the Bill Murray role

This may have been discussed before but then again, it is about Fight Club, and we all know the first rule of Fight Club.

There are something like 28 Attack sprints on this ride. But the video they show for all of them is the same clip, over and over and over and over. I started to feel bad for the young lady with the pony tail who led out every attack just to be right back at that same spot every time.

Just a random thought on a Friday night. Everybody enjoy the weekend!


That’s funny, I’ve done this vid a few times as well as the vintage one with the men’s race (one you’ll get access to after your dubbing ceremony :slight_smile: ) , and I never noticed it until you pointed it out. Lol!


The reason why Lizzie Deignan has to attack so many times is because that’s what Philippe Gilbert did in the original. Kind of a new school old school thing that’ll likely not be repeated by the creative minions… well not until they remake The Hunted anyways :speak_no_evil: :grin:



That said, it’s not like Lizzie ever needs an excuse to attack!

She did it so hard in Roubaix she ended up winning without meaning to.



Man there are rules for a reason…