Device Name - BLE, ANT+ and Direct Connect Identification

I’ve just updated to the 2022.6.29 and I noticed when looking at my availble sensors the Device Names don’t show what type of connection it is. I have ANT+, BLE and Direct Connect. It used to clearly state which was Direct Connect in my list. I would like to request that be returned as I would like to make sure I’m connected to my Wahoo Direct Connect for the racing I do.

Thank you.


I have a similar issue with one exception. If I turn on the Wahoo Kickr I get nothing. My avatar doesn’t move. It only moves if I connect to Fitness Equipment. Nice concept with a lack of attention to detail.

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@Critmark Interesting - I only see the Kickr when I start RGT. I have never seen Fitness Equipment. I wonder why that is appearing and why you can’t connect to the Kickr. My only guess is maybe check that the Kickr has the latest software.