Dir Con getting more like Dud Con

I’ll try and keep the moaning down lol, tonight I did a HM and used the dircon for the first time. It’s been a bit of a nightmare, first unit from CRC was a dud and (returned clearly as seals were cut on it), Wahoo were superb (their customer service is spot on), second one has been iffy in being recognised and all the cabling is fine. So I “got away” with the HM, I’d set it to “race mode” so when I changed from ERG to Level it was “power numbers all over the place” so I took power off the screen and worked the constrained section just seeing rpm/HR… afterwards I hopped on to Pienza on RGT and for the first time ever in 4 months, using the new dircon, it dropped out on me!! Unbelievable… if this had happened 20-30 mins earlier I would have been gutted… It’s seriously dented my faith in it at this point in time I have to say. I’ve been in contact and raised a support ticket last week about the connectivity issues, got a helpful reply today but still uncertain as to what the optimum setup is? I’ve ethernet connected it and my PC, yet it still needs Bluetooth, seems to work better with the PC on WiFi rather than ethernet… Then there’s HRM and Cadence(I don’t find the Kickr cadence that responsive?)- been using these sensors via Bluetooth, am I supposed to now run them on ANT+ or can I still run them with Bluetooth? Anyone shed any light on their setups and what works and what doesn’t?
Only good thing was a very significant hike in FTP and MAP in just over 6 weeks, so the “home made” sufferfest 2 intervals a week plus Zone 2 plan I devised has certainly paid off (I blame it on The Shovel and Nine Hammers lol!)…SYSTM/RGT has been a true saviour for my sanity and fitness over these last few dark cold months… thank god I found it and not Zwift !!!