Direct Connect and Apple TV

Is Direct Connect compatible with RGT on Apple TV or is ATV limited to connecting to the Kickr via Bluetooth?

Looking to take advantage of the race mode feature on my V5 Kickr

@Richard_Golding I believe so - the connection for both would be to your router.

Thanks for response

Currently my ATV is hard wired to Ethernet port of the wifi access point in that room.

Plan is to connect the direct connect to the Access point and connect the ATV to Wifi.

However would be good to know if anyone has this working before i splash out 70 quid on Direct Connect

Just seen this so guess ATV is not supported but can’t see what the restriction would be if on same IP network

Connecting a KICKR V5 using Direct Connect (DIRCON)

This article will provide instructions for connecting the Wahoo Kickr V5(2020) using DIRCON to the app. For other trainer connections, please refer to our Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool) to find out how to connect your trainer. DIRCON is only available for connections to Bluetooth-enabled Mac and Windows at this time.