I have been a user is systm for a while now and think it’s great . I have moved over from zwift as I like the workouts . I have to disappointingly say I just can’t get rgt to work . It just does seem user friendly like SYSTM or zwift . I have a neo 2t and can login in and see my self on screen but no power . All the lights are green in the sensor screen but no power.

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Have you already contacted the minions on that issue? Customer service is usually very responsive and I am almost sure they can help you.
I have had the experience that RGT did not read my sensors when I have had SYSTM fired up and connected earlier, even if it was shut down then.
Another advice I can give is to try it on a different device. If RGTis not working with your Windows machine, then try your Android phone or iPhone. Thus, you can rule out any issues with your sensors.

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Hi @Ashley, have you had any responses on places like the RGT Facebook forums?
If not, what are you running RGT on (Windows laptop, iPad, etc.) and are you using bluetooth or ANT+ connection, is it just Bluetooth LE or are you using the remote App as a bridge? Do you just have the Neo listed when you go on to the “Menu → Sensors” screen?
Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling RGT (in the past I think that helped a few people, although perhaps not with the more recent versions).

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I have a Tacx trainer and 99% of the reason I have an issue with it, is because the blue tooth connection has been nabbed by another app on the paincave PC. Or my phone. Or by my head unit which is innocently lying on the bench with a blank screen but is sleeping rather than switched off. Have become a pro at switching everything else off and everything now works like a charm.

Hope you get it sorted too. The community on the RGT Facebook page is also reallyhelpful


that’s odd… :thinking:
I’ve been using a Tacx trainer for 5 years now with hardly any BT problems at all

The same thing happened to me yesterday, you have to recognize the sensor on the app too.

Hi all
I have similar issues. After running RGT, systms can’t connect to any of my usual sensors. I need to delete all sensors, wait 5min and then add them again. Very odd behaviour that really puts me off using RGT in the first place…

I suspect this behaviour might be, at least partially, system dependent.
I tend to use RGT or SYSTM, not one after the other in most cases, but I have definitely jumped from SYSTM to RGT fairly promptly in the past with no problems.

I would think it’s possible that the issue might be the system not releasing the pairing from one app particularly quickly (though I have never gone RGT to SYSTM).

If we want to help the minions track the issue, for people seeing this problem, can I suggest you list the device you are using and, if a full blown computer (and you can be bothered) the OS and driver update versions might be helpful.
Certainly listing “iPad”, “iPhone”, “Android phone/tablet”, “Windows PC, Win10 current updates”, “Windows PC, Win11 current updates”, “MacOS blah” might be useful for issue tracking.

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Same for me. @Phil5236 as @Jon suggests - try to document everything and share with support as they are looking at edge cases all of the time and will work to get a fix.

Yesterday I struggled to connect sensors to RGT.
After my spindown (kickr snap here) and even several minutes after closing Wahoo app on ipad. Seems the closing didn’t release the sensors for RGT.
Struggled 10 minutes but after that I eventually pair (kickr, cadence, tickr) and do 20km on RGT perfectly.
First time ever I got this behavior

Most times the problem is on the user side. I use RGT since :thinking: the early days and systm for about a year now and nvwr had issues. Also used Zwift for a while and no issues either. Strong cable internet (wifi usualy has drops) and average hardware for the requirements is essential.

As suggested above, in terms of getting help from fellow users, the RGT Facebook group (RGT Users Support Group | Facebook) is probably the best place to go.

The Wahoo support team should be able to provide assistance. If you submit a support ticket via the app during the ride in which you are having problems then, on devices like Windows or Mac, it will send logs which may help the support team. From memory, I think you go to Menu then Help then there’s an option there.

I had similar if I left RGT and the ride up but not started for 10 or 15 minutes. Exited and started and paired/connected right away without issue/