Early morning fueling?

Mission accomplished. :smirk:


I wouldn’t try that with laser goats …

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yeah you are right…

Same. I typically rely on fueling during long weekend rides with Infinit and pb&j.

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Out of interest, mostly because I like the idea of training well in the morning before the day starts as for me it would be the most manageable method consistently. What time do you go to bed?
That presents the problem for me, because while it would be easier to train in the morning, I feel I simply wouldn’t be able to consistently get enough sleep.

I find it hard to get to bed early enough consistently enough, so I split up the days: I get up super early at the ass crack to train a couple days a week, but only a couple days, and not too many days in a row. I find that that way even if i’m not able to get to bed early enough every day, it’s not devastating.

I can only train first thing and am always up by 4:35 to be in the gym or on my bike for 5am. For longer rides, I still need to finish by 6:45 at the latest, so tomorrow I’ll be up an hour earlier. Have never found a way to eat before or during rides, although for longer ones will normally take a couple dates or bananas to the pain cave, but never feel like eating them and just push through.

I go to bed at 20:50 every night and am asleep pretty much immediately.

I did the Tasmania climb Kunany/Mt Wellington last night, finishing around 10:00pm. Got up this morning at 6:00am and was on the bike 15 minutes later. I did Rue The Day for the first time. I did it fasted.

I could not imagine trying to have breakfast first and then riding without at least an hour in between. This fasted regimen seems to work well for me as long as it isn’t too often. Once a week is good.

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