Environmental Suf Camp at Ruta Chingaza anyone?

What a route!

Today’s plan ride was Ruta Chingaza.

Bike packing in Colombia. Around the Chingaza eco system.

Oh my. On the bucket list!!!

Loving the Inspiration videos. Learning while riding.

Quote of the day… “the only wrong way to do it, is to not do it !!”

Thanks GVA


I’m not big on the camping bit but would definitely do parts of it. I want to go to Columbia and do the Letras climb nearer Medellin - 50 mile climb - combining these would be awesome!


Was thinking the exact same thing!

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Letras is a beast! I have done it on both sides, highly recommend it. Gotta be in good shape! The Mariquita side climbs 3,800m in 80 km.


Did you go with group tour or just go?

I didn’t go with the group. Instead, there are one or two Gran Fondos on that climb each year, I did one of those. The good thing about those big events is that they close the road down for cars, so you only have to worry about pedaling.