Equipment question for Knighthood

Greetings all fellow Sufferlandrians,

Whilst sitting in my Quarantine Hotel in Hong Kong my fevered mind has hatched a plan. After nine years of plugging away at one video or another I am going to storm the castle later this year. There is but one small flaw in this otherwise cunning plan!

A few month ago I sold my wahoo kickr as I was focusing more on road riding and got an Assault Bike in its place. The Assault Bike, for those who are uninitiated, is a vicious tool used by Crossfitters to try and kill themselves in 30 sec bursts. Naturally being a Sufferlandrian i simply fitted a pair of Garmin vector pedals to it and use it as one would a bike fixed into a trainer. It is hell (not on wheels).

The question i have is will i be allowed to use this to assault the castle? The pedals provide solid power output to the app and my heart monitor works also, the only issue is that it is not a bike.

Any views or guidance will be really appreciated.



I don’t have an “official” answer for you but imho I wouldn’t see why not. My current setup is a wheel off (direct drive) trainer with a Kickr Climb so front wheel is off too. Also, afaik, there are no specific equipment requirements for Knighthood.


@Mark_Stanley I think it is fine as long as you do 100 burpees during the breaks between videos.


Plenty of folks got knighted without using a smart trainer years ago before they became more accessible. I don’t see any issues with your setup especially since you’ll be pushing out power data with the pedals, but don’t take this as the official answer.

Make sure you post the dates of your effort, maybe a couple of us can join you on the same video etc if the time zone matches up, we did that in the past as well for motivation.


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Knighthood attempt on an Assault Bike? Oh you HAVE to livestream that one! No augmenting power w. the arms, though!




I don’t see why you couldn’t use it. Apart from the fact that the grips can move (can you lock them in place?), you’re still pedaling the same as on a normal bike.

There is definitely no requirement that you use a smart trainer.


That’s no different to doing it on a dumb trainer which is allowed. Grunter does not discriminate on your chosen mode of suffering, only that you do SUFFER.
IIRC, the rules say you must use the app, and follow the profile of the ride, but not the full intensity.

Carry on, you’ll be fine, what could possibly go wrong​:rofl::rofl:.


I may well do that, X rated i would imagine!!

Cannot lock the grips in place but the pedals only pick up the power from the feet so i guess that is a solution. In any event, using the arms just tires me more quickly. It is a sort of dynamic resting position!!


Thank you Jlopes. I will do that closer to the day and would really appreciate whatever support was forthcoming. I expect i will need it!!