Event sign up not working

Does signing up for events on the website work for other folks? I get the confirmation email and reminder, but when I start the app I have to search for the event and sign up again. Happened for every ride I signed up for in the last weeks.

I was on a break for a while, this used to work fine.

That’s so wierd, I’ve never had that issue but it must be really frustrating. You’re 100% using the same RGT login both for signing up and for riding?

Shortly after posting I double-checked that and it turns out that I was logged in with my old RGT account. Very weird, that somehow happened some time after the acquisition. :man_shrugging:

Forgot to update here, sorry. :pensive:

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So glad it’s resolved! Now your RGT rides will show in your SYSTM calendar once you’ve completed them! Yay!