Exporting to Strava. Type of ride?

Hi. When done a workout in SYSTM and exporting to Strava, I only get to choose Commute as Type of ride. Riding a wattbike if it’s important. Does it look like that out there?

I ignore the ride type in Strava, but when I checked, I also see just Commute. I use a KICKR, so I don’t think it’s your trajo.

@Magnus_M72 Leave commute unchecked. That is for outdoor riding - commuting to home or work. The ride should already show as virtual when it gets imported from SYSTM to Strava. You can change the bike if you want. I track it under Kickr so I know how many miles I have done indoors by year.

Strava has two tags you can apply to rides, indoor and commute. You can apply either, both or none to any ride when editing the activity.

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As Sir @JSampson says, the rides export from SYSTM to Strava with a sport type of ‘Virtual Ride’. It has the ‘Indoor Cycling’ tag selected. I don’t change any of that when I edit in Strava.

I do select an actual bike, rather than the trainer, but I have a dedicated bike for the trainer that no longer goes outside.

I use the Commute tag for outdoor commute rides to help improve the data set for bike commuting routes. I’m hopeful (perhaps naïvely) that more cities will use the Strava heat map data to prioritize development of bike routes, and I’m happy to contribute to that data set.

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I reckon “commute” could be applicable if you work from home eh?



Or if your ride transports you from couchlandria to Sufferlandria