Extend Group Ride

After completing a group ride my avatar stops at the side of the road. If I continue pedaling my Avatar doesn’t move and stays at the side of the road. Is there a way to extend a group ride once you have completed it?

Was the ride a loop? I think those are the only ones you can keep going on. Still new to RGT, so curious to know this too.

Erick - yes. The course was loop each time I tried to extend the ride.

@brumohr Same thing happened to me today and I also had a workout linked. The ride stopped even though the workout wasn’t done. It seems like the safe course of action is to chose a road that is longer than what you need and then just stop the ride if you are done.

This would seem a reasonable solution to extending a workout. However, the route is prescribed for group rides so this would not be an option on group rides.

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