Feature Request: Live Segment Leaderboard and Holding Pen

I did my 1st race after the update last night. I really enjoyed it because the feel is the same as before. I found a couple bugs (Tickets w/video already entered) but I also have a few feature requests we should consider.

  1. Live Segment Leaderboard covers the mini map and on Magic Roads that are new to riders you want to prepare for corners and braking coming up. Solution: Move it up between the space between the center HUD and Distance/Live Profile empty area.

  2. At the beginning of an event with bots and real riders you can’t see all the real riders in the pen/rider list. It’s good to kinda prepare for how many are going to shoot off at the start and cover. Solution: Keep Bots out of the rider list during the countdown

Thank you.


While they look at those great suggestions, did you know that some of the interface details can be turned off? This ‘Options’ menu is only available during a ride :slight_smile: So you could turn certain items off all together :slight_smile:

Essentially turning off segments disables the activation on segments, you will not see the leaderboard orthe segment UI pop up when going through one, you will still see where the segment is and the actual physical leaderboards on the side of the roads where existing.


Well that is something new. I will try that out. That’s better than moving it. Thanks!!!