Feedback after a couple of RGT rides

I’ve used RGT a couple of times now and just wanted to jot a few thoughts down. I’ll start by saying that I really like it, so much so that I’ve paused my Zwift subscription for 2 months to see if Systm/RGT can replace Zwift permanently, so, with that said, here are some observations so far…

  • I find the lack of sound effects in RGT quite distracting. I don’t want to hear “Ride on” every 2 seconds obv. but a bit of ambient road noise would be nice.
  • I imported some Systm workouts (via the Python workaround) and although they worked fine, I’d like to be able to see what power/cadence the next interval will be before it happens.
  • Regarding intervals, I wasn’t quite sure why some of them got marked red as I was in ERG? Cadence maybe?
  • As others have said, the calendars of both apps need to be merged and the overall calendar functionality improved, e.g. Drag and drop, setting non-riding days when starting a plan, etc
  • I’d like the option to ride Systm workouts in RGT
  • I’d also like the ability to export RGT workouts to Garmin Connect as well as Strava

Other than that, I think it’s great. Maybe eventually instead of watching the races in Systm, we’ll be able to ride the races in RGT alongside bots, or ride the ToS alongside other actual people or ride around LA with Phil, it’s all very exciting and I still can’t quite believe I got this for free!


@NickyLeary Those are good points. It would be great to have the choice of a SYSTM interface rather than the RGT layout. On my iPad I find it difficult to see power, cadence and time in interval. I also find the ride graphic harder to follow but some of that may be fixed when they incorporate 4DP.

I also noticed that RGT is very power hungry. My battery has been spent on both rides. Time for an ATV I guess.

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Agree. Ambient sound it would be fine not some shity not normal sounds when ridding a bike. If you have good speekers and pump up the volume you can listen do the sound of other riders passing by but that’s it. I usually usue music in races or workouts or watch some Netflix or youtube while doing endurance and recovery rides.


Better yest clone what is done at the traineroad calendar and setting and adapting plans.

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A must have in the future for sure. System first time wo with videos are a must do but repeating that wo later on maybe its best to give the choice to do it with video or at RGT. Besides that all wo that dont have video would benifit with having an RGT road for distraction.

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I’ve ridden one RGT ride - and I had a SUF (in SYSTM) ride going simultaneously. I was hoping to use the mini player but the sound stopped, which makes sense for movies. For right now I’d like a setting to allow the mini player to still convey the sound. Then I could ride RGT while getting all the cues and the music from the SUF workout.

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