Fictional Magic Roads

Just check this unreal but awsome magic road. If you master the craft there is no limits to what you can do to ride :ok_hand:


There’s some great magic roads on the Paul Nicholls FB page as well:
(slightly off-topic as they’re based on real roads, but worth checking out anyway)


Great roads indeed but not fictional they do exist :+1:

Yeah, course, just thought I’d share a page with some cool magic roads on (this thread might not have been the best place though as most on that page are IRL roads :grinning:).

Back on-topic, this is a good fictional magic road (by Dan Connelly):


Samir Dawlatly has lots of fantasy MRs and some are being showcased as part of the Weds evening (UK) series ‘Another Ride Together’. Search on RGTDb for “another” to find them. The first ten are shown here, but I recommend going and looking at the courses:


Samir the Magic man :ok_hand::grin:

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