First race, spat out but fun!

Did my first ever virtual race today, Hot Crit. Really enjoyed it (in that Sufferlandrian pain is fun way).

I definitely need to work on my race craft (and power…) as I was surging quite a lot in the first few laps and then when the group stretched out to try and catch a couple of breakaways the elastic snapped!!

But it was super simple to enter and then join the race and a great addition to the fully structured workouts I’m used to with SYSTM.

Only downside was a finished half a lap behind my brother!!! :rofl:


@aerobrain Congrats. I fear the same will happen to me but I need to just check it out anyway.


I just tried the elimination race (drop the pack) - different experience from Suf! Finished second - brute power doesn’t seem to work, need to understand how to draft as the winner had lower power than me (but obviously a bigger finishing sprint).

I’ve added a (SUF) to the end of my rider name so I’m easily identifiable prior to the SUF team kit coming out :grin:


Yeah I put KOS on my name, gotta be done :slight_smile: just hope they get the Suf kits in there soon


Great idea suff kits. I usualy use the white RGT kit and currently on the Ucrânia kit. Definitively would use suffer too.

About races and drafting Im lousy at it inspite having raced a lot in rgt since 2019. Its iften to finish some races only 4th or above but have a wkg average superior to everyone. My low weight is part responsable but not mastering the draft craft as some influence for sure.