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Hi, just to share my first experience on RGT riding on Dunoon, in the middle of the ride the app frozen and I have to end it, not a nice first impression already created a call in support….:weary:

First welcome to the forum. Yes, for many, RGT has its ‘challenges’. You can always reach out to support. Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes not so much. I have decided to settle on getting out of it what I can and accept its shortcomings. There is marginally enough value in that for me.

I hope this was a one time thing. Good luck.

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Today was my first time trying RGT. I didn’t experience any significant technical issues (Windows 10). When I started the app, it didn’t see all my sensors so I shut it down, restarted it, and then it worked. I have both BT and ANT+ enabled in the app but it’s not clear which it is using for what devices. In SYSTM I select BT for the trainer (better ERG response) and ANT+ for HR and cadence. I’m not yet sure I’m going to do much in RGT as came to SYSTM from ZWIFT and TR not really caring for the virtual worlds, which, so far at least, seemed more interesting than those in RGT . I’ll try Magic Roads to see what it does with a few of my regular outdoor rides.

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If RGT doesn’t pick up your sensors then it is worth going to the sensors menu. Even loading it seems to get things working sometimes (which is a bit weird). In my case, I always have to manually turn on the toggle for my HRM (connected by Bluetooth to my ATV) but the turbo connects fine.

If you experience any problems then, other than formal support, the RGT User Support Facebook group is probably the most likely route to get you help.

There is quite a lively racing scene if you like that kind of thing. Most of the bog standard Wahoo RGT races are small but there are some strong community run events.


Yep. NBD, but I was in the sensor menu trying to get things paired. Tried a few things and checked sensors were awake, etc. Rebooting RGT fixed it. Might have been a one-off so will see what happens next time. Did a few races in Zwift but I didn’t find it engaging. I’ll have to see if RGT racing is more appealing. Want to explore Magic roads, pacing bots, etc… So far, what works best for me is structured workouts with good actual vids. I’ll do a structured workout and watch a youtube mtb XC vids.


I’m new to RGT as well. One think I really like is the Magic Roads. I’ve registered for a number of events this year. What I’ve been doing is creating Magic Roads for those courses. Gives me a pretty good idea what I’ll be facing!


I haven’t used Zwift so cannot comment in comparison based on personal experience but some people prefer the increased realism of the physics on RGT - in particular the drafting - versus Zwift. Whether or not that floats your boat is another thing. Some prefer the realism of the depiction of goats.

Personally I am especially rubbish at anything that involves sprinting so I prefer hilly/mountain courses so the drafting realism is probably less critical for me. However, I enjoy dabbling in RGT when I get the time to race.


Hi, I’m thinking of doing this for a race this year. Im assuming it’s a case of getting a gpx file and creating a magic road from it. But how straightforward did you find it. I haven’t yet even done my first rgt ride yet.

FYI there is a dedicated Facebook group for RGT Magic Roads which has some useful posts of advice.

There are also various ‘how to’ guides on YouTube with hints and tips. Peter Ward’s GPX Magic tool is one of the best tools for editing and smoothing GPX files.

It is very straight forward! May events publish the routes electronically usually Strava, Ride with GPS or even just the GPX file. You simply e-mail a the gpx file using your e-mail that you used to register with RGT (or Wahoo X). They will create the route and put in in your Magic Rode library. The email address is

The main restriction i’m aware of is the route much be less than 100K (62 miles). I think there are a few other gotcha’s.

For me i’m creating Magic Roads from courses i’ve ridden in the past, so i just find the activity and then do “export gpx file”. So far it’s worked great. Some of the routes i haven’t ridden in like 5 years… I’ll be riding along in RGT and think to myself, oh yeah, i remember this climb! LOL

Brilliant, thank you all. I will get experimenting.

Good luck with your experiments.

This recent FB post is worth reading:

One key theme that several people mention is that using data from a route planner is likely to being up fewer problems than using data recorded using a GPS head unit.

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