FIT Exporter for non-Wahoo Devices / RGT

My extension has been officially blessed by Wahoo, so this won’t get deleted this time :slight_smile:

Mozilla Firefox: SYSTM FIT Export – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
Google Chrome: SYSTM FIT Export - Chrome Web Store

You can export from the SYSTM Web App.

These can also be emailed to to have them added to your personal workout library in RGT.

You must have a current Wahoo X Subscription in order to use the extension.

Happy to help if you have issues or suggestions to improve.


Officially blessed? Congratulations!

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@jessicat Cool - I will definitely check it out.

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Nice @jessicat !!

That is sooo great to hear!!!

You’ve clearly got a particular set of skillz! Glad Wahoo has recognized that, and your generosity!!

This will make a lot of people quite happy!!


Super cool! Thanks for contributing in such a helpful and unique way.


Just a note for some: you can’t upload via Garmin Connect on the web. You’ll need to copy onto your Garmin via USB.

It may also be possible via Training Peaks or other app that pushes to your head unit, but I haven’t tried that.

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I thinkkkkkk you can do it in a very roundabout way for free to push it into Training Peaks which would then push it over to Garmin. Convert from FIT to ZWO, make the workout on Trainerday, import the ZWO and save, then push from Trainerday to Training Peaks. >_>

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Great work @jessicat . Please update the description of the plugin page to incorporate the use with/for RGT, adds exposure :wink:

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Nice! Good news!!
Great work and thank you very much!

Thankyou you wonderful wonderful person, super easy!


I’ll share this in our RGT FB Groups :slight_smile: Redirecting...