Forced update today (Tue, 25 Apr 2023)

There’s a forced software update today! So those entering events (like tonight’s excellent NorCal Tue Niter) will want to check in early enough to update the code.

One key change is trainer resistance has been set to 50% by default. Since I’m sure we are looking for the full gradient experience, make sure this is set to 100% :). (dives for cover to avoid the flames)

Another key change is now auto-avoidance can be either kept on 100%, the existing behavior of turning it on after no steering has occurred, or to keep it off. I’ll be turning it off since I like controlling my line.

Among the other changes relevant to races:

  1. gradient shading of the profile has been improved.
  2. bots are steering again (this is independent of the update)
  3. the 3rd person camera view pans out when riding faster
  4. there’s a new camera view available in-game
  5. lapped riders are clearly indicated in the rider list
  6. number of bots indicated separate from the number of real riders.

There’s a bunch of other enhancements related to “just ride”, group rides, and workouts.


Indeed! Full release notes here for anyone wanting to see.


Here was one of the examples I had filed in my case on the gradient issue. Note I’m climbing an 11% gradient and the profile in the upper right shows a green descent… it wasn’t subtle. The error was particularly bad in this example because of the long course (80 km). Hopefully this doesn’t happen again :).

And other types of improvements are listed when launching RGT including

  • a way to keep the screen “clear” (with a way to hide the big left/right arrow when steering)
  • some optimization on the graphics
  • new “in-ride” features (start a WO directly from a ride / attach to a group with rubberband)
  • pace bots are made way more visible and their level clearly displayed (thus easy to join via teleport)
  • etc

The remote app also got its update btw


I definitely like this one!

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There is definitely an improvement but I still prefer the pre-steering experience. Used to have much better flow for large packs.

Anyway anyone else noticed the very erratic speed recording? It looks like something is not right…

It was more friendly before. I did a ride on Sunday and one person was clearly struggling with steering and getting dropped when ever there was a change at the front. I dropped back a few times but it kept happening. In the end I just rode with that person in a group of two as otherwise they would have been riding on their own. I very much enjoyed that group of two but it was a shame that we could not keep the group together because of steering issues.
Now I have just ridden two rides today following the updates (with no bots fortunately). The first ride three of us worked well together although obviously two people were able to turn auto steer off and one was not. I imagine that the need to update the App AND the Remote App caught a few people out and it was not obvious that while the button for Auto Steer was on the Remote App, the position of the switch (auto, on, off) is on screen ie on the App. It was also hard to see the position of that depending on the background.
The second ride was a race and there the steering can get quite aggressive in general. I don’t know if that is auto steer or people trying to get the fastest line, but pushing through a group, or actually people pushing you out to get position, or people not knowing as I think some people had update refresh issues. Whichever way, it all feels quite aggressive, which is a shame.
From a tech point of view the steering is really clever, as is the voice chat. I am just not sure that they add to the experience, but that is just me. I agree with your comment that it flowed better before.

Please note that for me it was an RGT APP upgrade AND an RGT REMOTE APP upgrade that was required. If you are entering something you will need to upgrade both if you want to be able to toggle the Auto Steer. The App upgrade took several minutes to download so leave time before your ride.